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An aerial glimpse of Hefei's new landmarks

Pub Date:23-06-16 16:23 Source:cnanhui.org

In recent years, with the vigorous construction in Hefei City, a number of fashionable landmarks that manifest the city spirit of "Great Lake City and Innovation Highland" have mushroomed. The following aerial photos provide an immersive visual experience of three new landmarks of Hefei.





On the shore of Chaohu Lake stands a gigantic diamond-like building, which is the new site of Anhui Science and Technology Museum. The building's architecture incorporates the concept of the dynamic workings of the universe, showcasing the mystery of space travel through beautiful spatial spiral curves and eliciting visitors' passion for outer space exploration. The venue's structure features a complex diamond-like design with a distinct science-fiction aesthetic, covering a total area of approximately 32,900 square meters.




On the banks of Wangju Lake in the Hefei High-tech Zone, a uniquely shaped "smart box" is about to be unveiled as an icon of Hefei's scientific achievements. The "box", which is the new site of Hefei Science and Technology Museum (Natural Museum), is equipped with specialty theaters such as a dome cinema, a 4D motion cinema, and a fantasy theater. It also features ten science education activity rooms for children and teenagers. The exhibition areas of "Deep Space Secrets" and the "Deep Space Exploration Project," which have received significant public attention, will also be opened along with the museum. As an important livelihood project for science education, the museum will fully utilize the surrounding environment and the public space within the building to carry out diverse science popularization exhibitions and educational activities, creating a multifunctional cultural complex that integrates exhibitions, education, and leisure.





At the intersection of Feicui Road and Qimen Road in Hefei New Municipal And Culture District, a modern building stands in the southwest corner of Swan Lake. It is the Hefei Central Library. The library's main building adopts a podium design, with the northern side being an 11-story main hall and the southern side being a 5-story city memory hall. After completion, it will form six major service sections: a smart library, reading spaces, a fairytale peninsula, a citizen station, a cultural and tourism gallery, and an exhibition center. It will also include 56 reading spaces with diverse cultural themes.

The construction works of these three "new landmarks" have all entered the final stages, and they are expected to be open to the public in the second half of this year. At that time, the citizens will be able to enjoy scientific and cultural journeys without traveling far.

Editor:Fanxi Feng

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