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Anhui Aid to Tibet: Blooming 'rhododendrons' on the snowy plateau

Pub Date:23-08-17 16:03 Source:english.anhuinews.com

When the August breeze brushes across the verdant Zhegu Grassland, the eighth batch of Anhui Aid to Tibet work team has been serving in Shannan City, Tibet Autonomous Region for a year.

The rhododendron, the provincial flower of Anhui, grows on the mountaintops, symbolizing firm beliefs and the indomitable spirit. From Anhui to Shannan City in Tibet, with a distance of over 3,000 kilometers and an average elevation difference of over 3,000 meters, the members of the aid team join hands like rhododendrons that reddened the hillside. They fear no difficulties, endure hardships, take root in the snowy plateau, and compose a touching chapter of deep affection between Anhui and Tibet.

Promoting Economic and Social Development in Shannan

The eighth batch of Anhui Aid to Tibet work team, led by Shan Qiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Huaibei Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Organization, consists of 36 cadres for 3-year aid program, 29 medical talents and 20 educational talents in the form of group aid, as well as around 50 short-term technical professionals for six months each batch. Since their arrival in Tibet in July last year, they have accelerated project construction, promoted investment attraction, and focused on improving people's well-being, achieving a series of innovative achievements that fill the gaps.

In terms of project construction, there are 41 planned aid projects with a total investment of 426 million yuan. So far, 33 projects have started, with a commencement rate of 80%. This has effectively promoted the sustained and stable development of Shannan's economy, comprehensive progress in social undertakings, and continuous improvement in people's livelihood.

Promoting Ethnic Exchange and Integration

Since their arrival in Tibet in July last year, the eighth batch of Anhui Aid to Tibet work team has vigorously promoted ethnic exchange and integration in accordance with the deployment requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, enhancing the deep friendship of "Anhui and Tibet as one family".

During the Dragon Boat Festival this year, the eighth batch of Anhui Aid to Tibet work team gathered together with students from Shannan Second High School to participate in the "Fragrant Zongzi Warms the Heart, Anhui and Tibet as One Family" festival activities. They played the traditional Tibetan instrument Dramyin, performed the Huangmei Opera "The Female Prince Consort," and learned how to make zongzi (sticky rice dumplings). A high school student named Deqing Wangmu said excitedly, "Not only did I make zongzi for the first time, but I also learned about the traditional customs of the Dragon Boat Festival. Celebrating the festival with the Anhui aid workers made me deeply feel the closeness between Anhui and Tibet."

Continuing the Anhui-Tibet Friendship through Joint Efforts

Currently, the eighth batch of Anhui Aid to Tibet work team is focusing on the key deployment of the central government and the aid work between Anhui and Tibet. They are organizing multiple rounds of research in different fields and areas based on the resource endowment and capacity of Shannan City and the three recipient counties (cities). The work plan for the eighth batch of Anhui Aid to Tibet work team and group aid from 2022 to 2025 has been scientifically formulated, clarifying the work objectives, main tasks, implementation steps, and guarantee measures.

For over 20 years, with aid funding, important projects, and livelihood improvement initiatives, the Anhui Aid to Tibet program has continuously facilitated significant changes in Shannan, forging deep friendship between the officials and people of Anhui and Tibet. Together, the rhododendron and the gesang flower safeguard the root of ethnic unity and depict a prosperous and developed future.

Source: Anhui Daily

Editor:Zheng Chen

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