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Anhui's participation in the 5th China Grain Trade Conference yields fruitful results

Pub Date:23-08-31 16:08 Source:english.anhuinews.com

From August 26th to 28th, the 5th China Grain Trade Conference opened at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. A total of 178 companies from Anhui participated in the exhibition, with more than 800 attendees.

In order to fully utilize the trading platform to showcase the new image of 'Eco-friendly Anhui with High Quality Grain and Oil,' Anhui Province organized a total of 88 grain and oil as well as grain machinery companies to participate in the exhibition, covering 16 cities in the province. Among them, 76 grain and oil companies and 12 grain machinery companies participated, showcasing over 600 varieties of grain and oil products. The grain and oil exhibition area mainly displayed and sold 'high-quality grain and oil from China' and 'high-quality grain and oil from Anhui', representing the latest level of high-quality development in Anhui's grain industry. The grain machinery exhibition area mainly showcased the latest automated, intelligent high-tech grain machinery manufacturing equipment, highlighting Anhui's leading position and group advantages in the grain machinery industry nationwide.

The Grain and Oil Exhibition in Anhui's Poverty Alleviation Region organized a total of 36 companies from 14 poverty-stricken counties to participate, and reached a total of 35.6 million yuan in procurement, sales, and project cooperation intentions. Through the national grain trading platform, transactions were organized among companies within Anhui, with a total of 586,000 tons of various types of raw grain traded, with a transaction value of 1.85 billion yuan.

In recent years, Anhui Province has strictly implemented the responsibility system for farmland protection and food security, vigorously implemented the national high-quality grain project, and made every effort to promote the construction of the 'Fine Anhui Grain and Oil' and 'Fine Anhui Grain Machinery' brands, effectively promoting the high-quality development of 'Anhui Grain.' In 2022, the province's grain and oil processing output value reached 307 billion yuan, ranking among the top in the country, making positive contributions to ensuring national food security.

Source: Anhui News

Editor:Zheng Chen

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