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Calm down Tensions in Syria, Xi Urges
China has always opposed the easy use of force in international relations and the tension in Syria should be eased as soon as possible
'Digital China' Adds Data, Kilometers of High-Speed Cables
In today's China, it does not take long for one to see the thriving internet sector.In any city, people use their mobile phones
China Inaugurates New State Media Group
China Thursday officially inaugurated the China Media Group as part of its wide-ranging institutional reshuffle.
Inaugural World Manufacturing Convention to Kick off
The convention will be hosted by the ...
Anhui Ranks 3rd in Poverty Alleviation
Anhui province was ranked 3rd in a national ...
5 Things You may not Know about Grain Rain
The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides...
2 Approved as Nat'l Innovation-oriented Cities
Ma'anshan and Wuhu, two major cities ...
  • The Guardian of China's Guest-Greeting Pine
  • Fireman Fights Wasps in War for Kitchen
  • Culture&Education
    5 Things You may not Know about Grain Rain
    The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides...
    School Holds Drawing Activity to Welcome Earth Day
    China Encourages Master-Apprentice System in TCM Education
    Anhui's Cultural Exports, Imports Hit $710 Million
    Nobel Laureate Gives Speech at USTC in Anhui
    Prestigious High School Expected to Open Branch in Hefei
    Tie and Scarf Design Contest Open to Anhui
    Traditional Han-style Wedding Held in Anhui
    Hui Culture
    Nearly 10,000 Show Wuqinxi in Anhui's Bozhou
    Nearly 10,000 participants show Wuqinxi, or Five Animal Mimic Boxing, ...
    Mat Weaving Craft Revives on Back of High-End Demand
    Lotus Root-Shaped Candy always in Short Supply
    Jackie Chan Returns Hui-style Houses to Bengbu
    County in Anhui Holds Folk Activity
    Actors perform on the Taiping Bridge
    Kung fu Star Jackie Chan Returns His Historic Hui-Style Houses to the Chinese Mainland
    A New Way to Save Heritage Houses
    From Red and Swollen Fingers Comes Majestic Ink Decked in Black
    Ancestor Worship Ceremony Commemorates Laozi in E China's Anhui
    Explore Anhui
    Mt.Panyun to be Recognized as Nat'l Geopark
    Panyun Mountain Geopark in Lingbi
    Amazing Jiuhua Mountain in China's Anhui
    Take Tour of Sanshigang Township in East China
    Aerial View of Feicui Lake in Hefei, Anhui
    A 'Bird Paradise' Developed in Four Decades
    Anhui Unveils List of 29 Tourist Towns
    Anhui Adds Two More National Forest parks
    Sanhe Ancient Town in China's Anhui
    Bantang Hot Spring Goes National
    Mount Huangshan Lowers Winter Admission Charge
    Spring Views of Xixinan Town in Anhui
    People having fun at a scenic spot...
    Bantang in Anhui's Chaohu Glows with Tulips
    13 Travel Routes to Enjoy Spring in Anhui
    Hefei Operates 'Fuxing' Bullet Trains
    New Flight Schedule Takes Effect at Anhui's Huangshan Airport
    Price of Some High-Speed Rail Tickets to be Cut
    New Bullet Trains to Slash Hefei-Beijing Travel Time
    Governor Urges Proactive Efforts to Ensure Success of WMC
    The 2018 World Manufacturing Convention is slated to
    Party Chief Meets German CDU Delegation
    Zimbabwe Seeks Cooperation with China's Anhui Province
    Top Political Advisor Calls for Pragmatic, Innovative CPPCC Work
    Li: Use Dialogue to Address Friction
    New Organs to Be Formed under China's Cabinet
    r Secretary
    Li Jinbin
    re Governor
    Li Guoying
    The Provincial Departments and Bureaus
    Qingming Festival: Clear and Bright
  • 2018 China's "Two Sessions"
  • 2018 Anhui's Two Sessions
  • Invest in Anhui
    Hefei Busmaker Bags $63.6m Order in Saudi Arabia
  • Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Welcome in Anhui
  • FDI into Anhui Rises 7.1% in January-February
  • Agricultural Firms from Israel Seek Cooperation in China's Anhui
  • Development Plan
    Manufacturing Summit Set for Anhui Province in May
  • Water Quality of Xin'an River Improved after Eco-Compensation Program Launched
  • 4 Anhui Cities Absorbed into Yangtze River Delta
  • Anhui Boosts Support for Real Economy and Sci-Tech Innovation
  • Video
  • Chinese Xuanzhi paper: Part 1
  • Chinese Xuanzhi paper
  • Palace Museum Showcases Conventional Anhui Craftsmanship
  • People
    The Guardian of China's Guest-Greeting Pine
  • A "Demoted" Official and His Ambition to Fight Poverty
  • Pizza Makers from Anhui Give Westerners a Taste of Home
  • Watchman Moonlights as Artist
  • Anhui Today
    Eyes on Anhui
  • Many Mourn East China Good Samaritan Beggar
  • Warm up Your Winter at Mount Huangshan Hot Spring
  • Unlocking Inland China -- Anhui Engages with the World
  • Hefei among Chinese Happiest Cities in 2016
  • 3 Towns in Anhui Selected as National Livable Towns
  • Sister City
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