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1 City,3 Counties Make Pilot Construction of National Principal Function Region List
Huangshan City, Yuexi County, Jinzhai County
Anhui's Industrial Value-Added Output Up 13% in Q1
The value-added industrial output of Anhui-based enterprises each with a core business revenue of at least 20 million yuan ($3.3 million) rose 13 percent
JAC Group Preparing for Overall Listing
JAC Group will go public in a way of overall listing, according to the announcement jointly issued by JAC
USTC Grad Wins Guggenheim
Huang Jiaxing, an alumnus of the Anhui-based University of ...
Disney to Recruit Grads in Anhui
Shanghai Disney Resort will launch a recruitment drive ...
Headquarter Economy to be Built
Headquarter economy will be formed at...
Turning Waste into Something Valuable
For thousands of years, crop stubble, stems, stalks...
  • 8th "Binhu Lake Tourism Festival" Opens
  • Matchmakers Sued as Bride Takes off
  • Culture&Education
    USTC Grad Wins Guggenheim Fellowships
    Huang Jiaxing, an alumnus of the Anhui-based University of ...
    The 8th "Binhu in Spring" Festival Kicks off
    Film "Jin Lanlan" Premieres in Hefei
    Fun Olympics for Autistic Kids
    Anhui Provincial Government, State Forestry Administration Join Hands to Support Anhui Agricultural University
    German Oil Paintings Exhibited
    Anhui Students Take SUSTC Entrance Exam
    Anhui Bans Medicating Children
    Hui Culture
    Huangmei Opera Classic Revived in Beijing
    Huangmei opera, also known as tea-picking tunes, is among the five...
    Han Zaifen: Goddess of Huangmei Opera
    A village in Anhui with a long, glorious history
    Huangmei Opera Set amid War
    Huizhou Pastry Museum Opens
    Huizhou Pastry Museum was opened
    Wan'an Compass Recognized as Geographic Indication
    World Bank backs China's ancient villages renovation
    A Fund to Be Set up for Hui Culture
    Chinese Photographs Are Winners in Sony World Photographic Awards
    Explore Anhui
    Dangshan: Town along the old course of the Yellow River
    The Yellow River had flowed through the Mangshan and Dangshan
    Peony Flowers on Display
    2nd Da Bagong Mountain Tourism Carnival Kicks Off
    Huangshan Mountain: Tourists Breaking into Closed-off Zones Face Punishment
    Hefei Taoxi Peach Flower Festival Kicks off
    Hefei Rolls out New Tourism Map
    Chizhou Holds Rural Tourism Promotional Event in Hefei
    Lotus Peak to Be Closed for Eco-Restoration
    Hefei's cultural Sites:2 Centers, 4 Areas
    Peach Flower Festival to Open
    Highlights of 2014 Chaohu Lake Travels
    It was announced at the 2014 Hefei Tourism Working Conference tourists to Chaohu Lake can expect to enjoy a large number of new experiences...
    Anhui to Open Flights to US
    Anhui launches winter travel publicity film
    Hefei Speeds up Exit-Entry Application
    Hefei Opens Its First Europe-bound Flight Route
    Daily Hefei to Guangzhou high-speed train schedule to launch next month
    Direct Flight from Hefei to Xishuangbanna to be Launched
    Latest Anti-graft Enforcement Announced
    Disciplinary authorities have identified 220 recent violations
    China Inspects Implementation of Patent Law
    Anhui Govts to Buy 6.9Bln-Yuan Services from NGOs
    NPC Deputy Calls for Effort to Compensate Wetland Losses
    National Policy Consultation Conference Begins
    Zhang Qingjun Meets German Mayor
    r Secretary
    Zhang Baoshun
    re Governor
    Wang Xuejun
    The Provincial Departments and Bureaus
    Documentary "Big Huangshan Mountain" calls for essays and photos
  • Qingming Holiday Sees Tourist Boom in Anhui
  • Qingming Festival
  • Invest in Anhui
    Foreign Investment Reached $ 1.9 Billion in the First Two Months
  • JAC Increases Investment in Hefei
  • Hefei to Build World's Biggest Antibody Drug Plant
  • Wanjiang Expands Direct Financing
  • Development Plan
    Anhui Pushes "Made-in-Anhui"
  • Ministry, Provincial Govt Work together to Boost Intelligent Speech Industry
  • Smart Speech Industrial Park Opens in Hefei
  • Anhui Pilots Innovation-Oriented Province Program
  • Videos
  • One miner killed, 21 others rescued in Anhui
  • 60-year-old woman gave birth to twins
  • Snow Pounds Mt.Huangshan
  • People
    Never Too Late to Learn, Says Grandpa Smart
  • From School Dropout to Universal Appeal
  • 13 Expats Join in Anhui's Recruitment Program
  • Building the Beijing Dream
  • Anhui Today
    Eyes on Anhui
  • Hefei Reelected Happiest City
  • Anhui Pushes forward Its International Tourism Project
  • Hail the Healing Herb
  • Anhui among Top Ten Beautiful Provinces
  • Combined bridge with world's longest span joined
  • Sister City
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