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Batch of Ankai high-quality buses delivered to Qianshan City

Pub Date:23-07-27 09:08 Source:www.ankaiglobal.com

In June, 55 newbuses will be put into use in urban and rural bus lines in Qianshan City, providing strong support for the integrated construction of urban and rural buses and the development of regional tourism in Qianshan City.


The delivered models include a variety of mature products such as pure electric G9 andBestK7, which can fully meet the needs of different road conditions and different usage scenarios in Qianshan City. The beautiful body, comfortable riding space, and environmental protection quality provide more comfortable, environmental protection and green travel for the local area. In addition, thebushas mature power matching, good economy, power and reliability, and can be widely adapted to a variety of rural terrain. The high-strength body skeleton design further enhancesbussafety, allowing the people of Qianshancityto ride on a good bus and travel better.


In the future, Ankai buses will continue to help urban and rural transportation integration develop faster and steadier, interpret responsibility with action, and contribute more Ankai power to rural economic revitalization and beautiful travel for the masses.

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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