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Anhui's 'County Connectivity' expressway projects accelerate construction

Pub Date:24-04-09 11:06 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On April 8th, according to the expressway department, as of the end of March, Anhui Transportation Holding Group has invested over 21 billion yuan in three "County Connectivity" expressway projects, achieving a strong start in the first quarter and providing solid transportation support for the construction of a modern and beautiful Anhui.

Since the beginning of this year, Anhui has been vigorously promoting the construction of three "County Connectivity" projects: the Hefei-Zhoukou Expressway Shouxian-Yinshang section, Yingshang-Linquan section, and the Bozhou-Mengcheng Expressway. Participating construction units have seized favorable weather conditions, continuously optimized construction processes, increased inputs of personnel, equipment, and funds, and rapidly advanced project construction.

Currently, the Shouxian-Yinshang section of Hefei-Zhoukou Expressway has completed 71.06% of the total investment, the Yingshang-Linquan section has completed 47.09% of the total investment, and the Bozhou-Mengcheng section has completed 42.09% of the total investment. The plan for this year is to complete the construction of the Hefei-Zhoukou Expressway Shouxian-Yinshang section, the section from Linquan Hub to Linquanxi Interchange, and the Bozhou-Mengcheng Expressway Biaoli Hub to Guonan Interchange section. This will provide fast access to expressways for Huoqiu, Linquan, and Guoyang counties, completing the mission of the "County Connectivity" expressway.

Since the beginning of the "14th Five-Year Plan," in addition to the "County-to-County Connectivity" expressway projects, Anhui province has also launched the "County Connectivity" campaign, making every effort to promote fast access to expressways for the main urban areas of six counties: Shucheng, Huoqiu, Funan, Guoyang, Linquan, and Yi County, which are relatively far from highway entrances and exits.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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