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Chizhou, Anhui: Colorful rapeseed flowers propel the vigorous development of rural tourism industry

Pub Date:24-03-29 17:36 Source:english.anhuinews.com

In the gentle caress of the spring breeze, Lianhe Village in Dadukou Town, Chizhou City welcomes a visual feast. A sea of colorful rapeseed flowers in the village is vibrant and varied, resembling Mother Nature's overturned "palette," with colors freely splattered, attracting the gaze of countless tourists and becoming a newly popular spot for social media check-ins.

Since October 2023, Lianhe Village has piloted the planting of over 30 mu of colored rapeseed, featuring yellow, pink, orange, purple, and white varieties. Under the careful cultivation and management of agricultural technicians, this sea of flowers has now bloomed in full glory, with the various colors of rapeseed flowers interwoven into a dazzling tapestry. Many tourists stop to admire and take photos.

The colorful rapeseed flowers are not only appreciated for their ornamental value, but their economic and nutritional worth is also significant. Agricultural experts explain that these colored rapeseed flowers yield an oil production comparable to traditional yellow rapeseed. Additionally, they are rich in nutritional content, packed with vitamins and a variety of minerals.

To ensure the healthy growth and timely blossoming of the rapeseed flowers, local management has incorporated modern agricultural techniques. The use of drones for precise fertilization and pest control, among other technological methods, has not only enhanced agricultural productivity but also provided a robust guarantee for the stable and increased yield of rapeseed. The integration of technology and agriculture has undoubtedly injected new vitality into the local agricultural development.

The colorful rapeseed flower has brought new development opportunities to Lianhe Village. With the continuous influx of tourists, some villagers have opened agritainment businesses and sell unique handicrafts, achieving diversification in their income sources.

Source: Anhui Daily 

Editor:Qin Shuying

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