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Anhui Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese organizes media visit to cultural exchange base

Pub Date:24-04-26 10:49 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On April 24th, the Anhui Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese organized a group of media representatives and members of the Anhui Association for International Culture Exchanges with Overseas Chinese to visit Maying Village in Changfeng County, Hefei City, and carry out the media activity of "Overseas Chinese Contribute to Jianghuai Region Revitalization, Setting off Again in the Spring."

The relevant leader of the Anhui Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese stated that Maying Village has officially been designated as the "Anhui Province Overseas Chinese International Cultural Exchange Base." The relevant departments should continue to strengthen guidance for the exchange base, promote standardized construction, highlight its unique intangible cultural heritage projects and rural tourism culture, utilize the platform of the overseas Chinese community as a link, and carry out cultural exchange activities with overseas Chinese characteristics. The aim is to attract more overseas Chinese to visit Hefei, Changfeng, and Maying, making it a true platform for promoting Chinese culture, especially local culture, facilitating cultural exchanges at home and abroad, and serving as an important hub for overseas Chinese. This will propel the work of the bases construction to a new stage and contribute to the acceleration of building a modern and beautiful Anhui.

During the event, a media symposium on offering suggestions for building better rural areas was held. The visiting group also conducted on-site visits to the Hefei Yangmiao Revolution Memorial Hall, Maying Village, as well as New Energy Enterprise SOJO (Hefei) Co., Ltd., and CALB (Hefei) Co., Ltd.

Source: ahqiaolian

Editor:Zheng Chen

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