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Huangshan and Hangzhou jointly issue important plan on ecological environment protection

Pub Date:2023-06-05 16:28 Source:cnanhui.org

The reporters learned from the Huangshan Ecology and Environment Bureau that Hangzhou and Huangshan recently jointly issued the "Xin'anjiang River Basin Water Ecological Environment Joint Protection Plan". According to the goal of "beauty, harmony, and prosperity", a joint protection indicator system for the water ecological environment of the Xin'anjiang River Basin will be established, striving to form an integrated protection and governance pattern by 2025 and become a model for leading the construction of beautiful rivers and lakes by 2035.

The newly introduced "Plan" was compiled by the Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China, with a scope covering the entire Xin'anjiang River Basin of 11452.5 square kilometers.

According to the "Plan", the upstream and downstream areas will coordinate water resources, water ecology, water environment, water safety, and water culture, and establish a joint protection indicator system for the water ecological environment of the Xin'anjiang River Basin. Among them, the focus will be on the ecological systems such as forests, rivers, and wetlands in the basin, enhancing water source conservation and jointly protecting the health of rivers and lakes; coordinating pollution control in industries, agriculture, and daily life, adhering to a systematic concept and jointly reducing pollution loads; from the perspective of strengthening the management of drinking water sources and improving the level of risk control, jointly ensuring the cleanliness of rivers and lakes and jointly ensuring water safety; from the perspective of jointly promoting high-quality development of the basin's industries and jointly building an ecological product base in the Yangtze River Delta, promoting green development and sharing ecological dividends; from the perspective of jointly building a water ecological monitoring system and basin monitoring and warning capabilities, deepening cooperation mechanisms and strengthening joint protection and governance.

The person in charge of the Huangshan Ecology and Environment Bureau introduced that after the implementation of the "Plan", the comprehensive governance, systematic governance, and source governance levels of the water ecological environment in the Xin'anjiang River Basin will be effectively improved, and the construction of the Xin'anjiang-Qiandao Lake ecological protection compensation model area will be accelerated, accumulating experience for the national cross-provincial basin ecological environment protection and high-quality coordinated development. At the same time, Hangzhou and Huangshan will closely monitor the implementation progress of the "Plan", strengthen information exchange and communication, timely research and solve problems, and conduct inspections and evaluations as appropriate to ensure implementation.

Reported by Wu Jianghai

Translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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