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Experiencing Yangpu Port on Day 5 : 'An Open Future' Media Tour in Hainan

Pub Date:23-12-04 11:16 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On the last day of the trip to Hainan, the group of "An Open Future", a media tour of Hainan for representatives of international media organizations and social media personalities came to Yangpu to experience the "dream" and "miracle" in the "showroom" of Hainan Free Trade Port.

On the afternoon of December 1, at Yangpu International Container Terminal, a 269-meter-long giant ship docked at No. 3 berth. On the shore, a tall quay crane was loading containers onto the ship one by one. The next morning, the ship will leave the port and arrive in Qinzhou Port, Guangxi, at noon.

"As the gateway port for the western region of China to access the sea, Qinzhou Port has a large demand for container, so it is often necessary to transport empty containers from Yangpu Port for replenishment. Accordingly, cargo ships departing from Qinzhou Port will also carry goods to Yangpu Port for transshipment. The two ports have a close relationship." At the wharf, the tour guide introduced in detail to the members of the group about the construction and current operation of the wharf.

As the international shipping hub for the new land-sea passage in western China and the gateway to the Pacific and Indian Oceans for Hainan Free Trade Port, Yangpu International Container Terminal is the main platform for building a multi-billion-dollar logistics industry cluster in the future Ring Xinying Bay area.

It is understood that in 2022, the annual throughput of Yangpu Port was about 1.5 million TEUs, and it is expected to reach 1.6 million TEUs in 2023. This year, the expansion of Yangpu International Container Hub Port and the reconstruction and expansion of port channel in Yangpu region have been started one after another. In the future, Yangpu International Container Terminal plans to open 20 new container shipping routes, achieving more than 50 container shipping routes for Yangpu Port, with each domestic and foreign trade route exceeding 25, and extending its shipping routes to regions such as Americas, Middle East, and Europe.

Editor:Qin Shuying

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