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Domestic surgical robot debuts in Anhui

Pub Date:23-04-19 15:24 Source:cnanhui.org

On the morning of April 18th, in the operating room of the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University, urologist surgeon Tai Sheng was operating the first domestically produced surgical robot in Anhui Province, performing a partial kidney resection on a patient with left renal tumor.

"The surgical robot is an efficient, precise, safe, innovative surgical tool. It can allow doctors to perform more accurate surgeries and expand the field of vision and space, just like the doctor adding 'X-ray eyes' and 'robotic arms,' enhancing surgical flexibility and precision, and improving surgical quality," Anhui Medical University Vice President Liang Zhaozhao said. Compared to traditional laparoscopic surgery, surgical robots are more accurate, stable, less traumatic to the patient, and beneficial for postoperative recovery. It also improves the surgery's safety and success rate.

The domestically produced Edge Medical laparoscopic surgical system (MP1000) consists of a doctor's control console, a patient surgery platform, and an image processing platform. It has four mechanical arms, one used to control the endoscope and the other three used to operate various surgical instruments.

"The Edge Medical surgical robot is the highest-end product comparable to the imported da Vinci Surgical System. It has broken the monopoly and surpassed da Vinci in some core performance indicators, with more precise control, real-time image transmission, and even the ability to peel grapes and crayfish." Tai Sheng explained that surgical robots can filter out the tremors of surgeons and help them perform precise and complex surgical operations in narrow spaces.

"In general, all kinds of surgical procedures can use surgical robots. However, the deeper the position of the organ, the more complex the anatomical location, and the smaller the space, the more obvious the advantages of using it." Liang Zhaozhao explained that the Edge Medical surgical robot can enable doctors to perform more accurate surgeries, reduce surgical trauma and bleeding, shorten the operation and recovery time, and improve surgical results and safety. "Patients can reduce their hospital stay and costs, avoid complications and infections, and improve their quality of life and happiness." Liang Zhaozhao said that after the popularization and promotion of this domestically produced surgical robot, it can significantly reduce patients' treatment costs, giving patients more confidence and hope when facing diseases.

Reported by Xu Huiyuan, Liu Zhiwei

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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