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Wuhu to build Anhui's first batch of 'fourth generation residences'

Pub Date:2023-07-28 15:28 Source:english.anhuinews.com

"A piece of land near People's Park is about to build a fourth generation residence." Recently, a land transfer announcement in Wuhu City has drawn widespread attention from the public. On July 27, the relevant department in Wuhu City revealed that the area will pilot the construction of fourth generation residences, with raised balconies not less than 5.6 meters in height, becoming a prominent symbol of the new urban residence.

Discussions about the construction of fourth generation residences in People's Park in Wuhu City have been seen in local forums and WeChat moments. Some citizens have asked, "What are fourth generation residences?" "I heard they have spacious balconies." "You can walk the dog without going downstairs." Some citizens have been enthusiastically discussing the living experience brought by fourth generation residences.

The area under discussion by the public is a land parcel listed for trading by the Wuhu Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning in mid-July this year. The land transfer documents explicitly state that it will pilot the construction of three-dimensional ecological residences, including at least one main structure with an overhanging sky garden for each household. The height should be no less than two natural floor heights and ≥5.6 meters. The sky garden should be open on two sides, unenclosed, and without protective walls. The area of a single sky garden should not be less than 28 square meters and not more than 50 square meters. The green area of the sky garden should be ≥60%, with an average soil depth of ≥0.5 meters and a minimum depth of ≥0.35 meters. The greenery should mainly consist of shrubs with appropriate planting of small trees. The sky garden is not included in the calculation of floor area ratio, building area, property area, and building density, and is not restricted by balcony control indicators and building width requirements. The green landscape of the sky garden should be uniformly designed and managed and maintained by unified property management after completion. Unauthorized use or change of purpose is strictly prohibited.

"The land is intended for the construction of fourth generation residences," the relevant person from the Wuhu Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning confirmed during an interview with the reporter on the morning of July 27. It is the first time that the requirements for constructing fourth generation residences have appeared in the land transfer market of various cities in Anhui province.

"The fourth generation residences have two characteristics. Firstly, they comply with China's green building standards, promoting energy conservation and environmental protection. Secondly, they emphasize the design of sky gardens and three-dimensional garages," said Guo Hongbing, Deputy Secretary-General of the Anhui Real Estate Industry Association, in an interview on July 27. The fourth generation residences are an important type in the three-dimensional green building system advocated by the country. Currently, some cities such as Chengdu and Wenzhou have built fourth generation residences, and some of them come with car parking spaces where residents can drive their cars directly to their homes, which is a prominent feature of fourth generation residences. Regarding the construction requirements for fourth generation residences in Wuhu, Guo Hongbing believes it is a direction for the future development of residential products in Anhui Province. However, it is currently seen as an experiment and exploration, and whether it will be fully rolled out depends on each city's actual situation.

Source: Anhui Business Daily

Reported by Gao Zheng

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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