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Anhui-Jiangsu cross-provincial integration boosts Chuzhou's development

Pub Date:2023-07-10 17:09 Source:Anhui Daily

On July 5, Tian Li, deputy general manager of Jiuying Membrane Technology Co Ltd, and his colleagues were busy with the production of orders for ultrafiltration membrane products. The company is located in Chuzhou City Nanqiao District HigherEducation Science and Innovation City. Graduated from Nanjing Tech University, Tian Li's current life can be described as "a tale of two cities". "I live in Nanjing. The laboratory is located in Nanjing Tech University, while the product line in Chuzhou. It only takes a little over half an hour to drive from one place to the other along the Chuning Expressway." Tian Li said that there are many people who work in the same way as he does in the Chuzhou HigherEducation Science and InnovationCity.

Tian Li's team mainly developed the highly anti-pollution PVDF ultrafiltration membrane, a technology that not only overcame a worldwide problem and achieved zero discharge of pulpingand papermakingwastewater, but also won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. It has achieved the local substitution of key membrane materials in the field of wastewater treatment in petrochemical, iron and steel, metallurgy and other industries, effectively reducing the production cost of enterprises. "Science and InnovationCity provided babysitting services, solved a series of difficult problems and supported the enterprises." Tian Li said that these services have become an important factor for their implementation of scientific and technological achievements transformation and also allow the scientific researchers working here to concentrate ontheir work. Relying on the academic support of Nanjing Tech University, coupled with theinfrastructure support and preferential policies provided by Chuzhou, Jiuying membrane project has connectedthe chain from basic research to pilot incubation, and then to mass production, forming an increasingly complete "talent chain" in Chuzhou.

As the national strategy for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta enters a new stage of development, Chuzhou City is accelerating the construction of Pukou-Nanqiao new functional area, Chuzhou HigherEducation Science and Innovation City. 18 kilometres westof Nanjing Jiangbei New Area, Chuzhou Higher Education Science and Innovation City, as the city's "cross-regional collaborative innovation experimental zone, the pilot area for the transfer and commercialization of scientific and technological achievements" innovation platform, in recent years, has introducedhigher education resources such as the Anhui Science and Technology UniversityChuzhou campusand Engineering Training Centerof Nanjing Tech University into the park. In the park, road signs with Nanjing's unique imprintcan be seen everywhere, and companies are equipped with shuttle buses to and from the two places, which greatly facilitates the work needs. In recent years, the city has introduced 14 high-level talent projects, 137 high-level talents in various fields, settled and incubated more than 300 science and technology enterprises, and gradually built up four functional sections integrating science and technology research, emergingindustries, high education and research, and urban services.

Source: Anhui Daily

Reported by Cheng Zhao

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen and Wang Xirui

Editor:Wang Xirui

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