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Huangshan, Anhui: 55 folk activities liven up the Lantern Festival

Pub Date:24-02-21 11:06 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On the afternoon of February 19th, at the banks of the Hengjiang River beneath Qiyun Mountain in Xiuning County, the Huangshan City Government Press Office held the third press conference for "Celebrating the Chinese New Year in Huizhou," where they excitedly announced 55 folk events to liven up the Lantern Festival.

To highlight the unique local customs, intangible cultural heritage, and the traditional charm of the Lantern Festival, Huangshan City will host 55 distinctive and lively folk events during the Lantern Festival period, centered around the "five small beauties" concept: small exquisite items, quaint lodgings, delicious foods, delightful experiences, and beautiful sceneries. Among the 55 events, there will be a jubilant fireworks display by the Xin'an River and the much-anticipated Wangmantian fish lantern show, offering citizens and tourists an extraordinary Lantern Festival atmosphere.

From January 18th (Laba Festival) to March 11th (the second day of the second lunar month), centered around themes "Our Festival - Joyfully Celebrating the Chinese New Year" and "Chinese New Year, Huizhou Flavor, Celebrate the Chinese New Year in Huizhou", Huangshan City planned around 200 cultural and tourism events such as climbing and playing in the snow, traditional festive performances, intangible cultural heritage experiences, New Year culinary delights, village gala, lantern fairs, and fireworks shows. As of February 18th, a total of 345 events had actually been held. 

It is understood that during the recent Spring Festival holiday, Huangshan City welcomed 5.8508 million visitors and achieved a total tourism revenue of 4.64 billion yuan, representing year-on-year increases of 50.02% and 89.5%, respectively. The rich variety of themed activities and tourism products have given Huangshan's culture and tourism industry a strong start to the year. 

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Qin Shuying

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