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Anhui's forestry development achieves significant progress in 2023

Pub Date:24-03-18 16:39 Source:english.anhuinews.com

To accelerate the promotion of the Green and Beautiful Jianghuai Action, Anhui Province has been continuously deepening the reform of the forest chief scheme, scientifically promoting land greening, strengthening ecological protection and restoration, vigorously developing the under-forest economy, constantly enhancing carbon sink capacity, and improving the quality of forestry industry development.

In 2023, the forestry sector in the province signed a total of 346 projects for investment promotion and talent introduction, with a total investment of 81.6 billion yuan. This includes the addition of 10 national forestry leading enterprises, 36 provincial-level forestry industrialization leading enterprises, and 18 provincial-level demonstration gardens for the high-quality development of characteristic forestry. Additionally, efforts were made to develop the under-forest economy, utilizing a forest area exceeding 12.6 million mu.

Treating the deepening of the reform of the collective forest tenure system as an important part of the reform of the forest chief scheme, the province has currently achieved a transfer area of collective forest land of 13.5 million mu.

Furthermore, in line with the construction of an ecological strong province, in 2023, the province exceeded 280,000 mu of afforestation, implemented forest closure and nurturing on 1.79 million mu, restored degraded forests on 730,000 mu, and released 40 recommended tree species for carbon sink afforestation, continuously strengthening the ecological security barrier.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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