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Chuzhou, Anhui: Former lumberjacks turned forest rangers

Pub Date:23-03-28 16:15 Source:cnanhui.org

Zhao Yuzhu and his teammates are guarding the safety of 96800 acres of forest.

It is currently the critical period for forest fire prevention in spring. Zhao Yuzhu (leftmost) is promoting fire prevention knowledge to people entering the mountains.

Zhao Yuzhu (middle) is learning fire extinguisher maintenance from his teammates.

"I used to be a lumberjack in the forestry station, but now I am a forest ranger. I want to protect this forest like how I take care of my own eyes!" Recently, Zhao Yuzhu, a forest ranger at Bianzhuang Camp Forest Area of Laojiashan State-owned Forest Station in Chuzhou City sincerely told reporters.

In early spring, Laojiashan State-owned Forest Station is covered with lush greenery. The warm sunshine, gurgling mountain springs and melodious bird songs are everywhere.

Early in the morning, Ranger Zhao Yuzhu tied his equipment onto his motorcycle and prepared to enter the forest area to promote fire prevention. He is 56 years old this year and started working in 1987. He used to be a lumberjack at the forest who wielded chainsaws and drove tractors for transporting timber...Zhao Yuzhu said that many years ago when he entered the forest he could hear work songs such as "cutting down trees along hills" and roaring chainsaw sounds everywhere; there were also log yards piled up with logs as well as vehicles loaded with timber coming back and forth.

In recent years, in order to preserve natural resources including forests and water sources, Laojiashan State-owned Forest Station has implemented planted forest protection projects by cancelling logging activities completely while focusing on protecting forestry resources and restoring ecological systems. Zhao Yuzhu and his colleagues switched careers and became rangers. "I plant 4,000 trees every year which is also compensation for my past!" says Zhao Yuzhu.

To stop illegal logging activities, ZhaoYuzhu and his teammates strengthened their patrols within the forest areas. He even personally purchased loudspeakers installed on the motorcycle for promoting fire prevention awareness among local residents. Over the years, he has made his home in the mountains, accompanied by forests, leaving footprints on soil to show his deep love for green hills and clear waters. In 2022, Zhao Yuzhu was named "Anhui Province's Most Beautiful Ecological Ranger" by the Provincial Forestry Bureau.

Reported by Li Bo

Photo by Li Bo

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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