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Investment-led, Anhui manufacturing shows strong momentum

Pub Date:23-12-05 10:53 Source:english.anhuinews.com

10% of the world's laptops, 20% of LCD screens, and 50% of photovoltaic glass are produced in Anhui. Additionally, 20% of China's photovoltaic modules, 15% of household appliances, and 10% of new energy vehicles are manufactured in Anhui. The rise of Anhui's manufacturing industry represented by new display, new energy vehicles, and photovoltaics is a remarkable phenomenon.

In recent years, Anhui has firmly focused on investing in manufacturing, vigorously promoting "attract investment and talent", continuously increasing investment in manufacturing projects, and making significant progress in the development of the manufacturing industry. Data shows that the growth rate of investment in Anhui's manufacturing industry has accelerated year by year, with significant increases in large-scale projects. In the first three quarters of this year, it increased by 25.8%, maintaining a growth rate of over 18% for 21 consecutive months.

In the first three quarters of this year, there were 106 manufacturing projects with a planned total investment of over 5 billion yuan. While maintaining a high growth rate, the investment structure of Anhui's manufacturing industry has also continued to optimize and improve. Data shows that among the 31 major categories of manufacturing industries, 26 have achieved growth, with investments in electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing and automotive manufacturing increasing by 72.1% and 62.6%, respectively...


A smart manufacturing production line in Ma'anshan Economic Development Zone (photo by Liu Yucai)

Technological transformation is the key to maintaining the vitality of the manufacturing industry and is also one of the important paths to accelerate the construction of a strong province in intelligent and green manufacturing. It is planned that by 2025, the province aims to achieve basic coverage of digital transformation among manufacturing enterprises above designated size in key industries and basic coverage of digital application among manufacturing enterprises below designated size.

Reported by Peng Yili, Shi Ruiwen, Luo Zhonglin

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Qin Shuying

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