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Three sports champions signed with this university in Anhui!

Pub Date:23-02-23 16:04 Source:Anhui Daily

At 9 am on February 22, a signing ceremony for high-level talents was held at the Conference Center of the Huajin Campus of Anhui Normal University.

Deng Linlin, two-time Olympic champion and international gymnastics referee,

Lai Xiaoxiao, National Level 1 Chinese Martial Arts referee, "6th Duan" Wushu Routine artist, and World Martial Arts champion,

Gu Xuesong, Asian Games team champion and top-notch international archer

officially signed with Anhui Normal University and became teachers at the Physical Education College of Anhui Normal University.

Deng Linlin, Lai Xiaoxiao, and Gu Xuesong made speeches at the signing ceremony. The three sports champions said they were honored to be teachers at the College of Physical Education of Anhui Normal University. They will further inherit and promote the spirit of sports, connect with international sports resources, promote sports events in colleges and universities, create professional "golden classes", and contribute wisdom and strength to cultivating high-level athletes in Anhui Province.

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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