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Anhui Province releases Construction Plan for High-Quality Charging and Swapping Service System

Pub Date:2023-10-18 16:15 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On October 17th, it was learned from the Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission that the "Construction Plan for High-Quality Charging and Swapping Service System in Anhui Province (2023-2027)" (referred to as the "Plan" below) was officially issued in October this year. It will help accelerate the construction of an internationally competitive new energy vehicle industry cluster in Anhui.

The specific objectives are as follows: in the main urban areas, efforts will be made to form a charging service circle within a radius of no more than 2 kilometers; comprehensive coverage of charging and swapping infrastructure in key areas of county towns and townships; 100% coverage of charging and swapping infrastructure in service areas of expressways, effective coverage in ordinary national and provincial trunk roads and rural roads, and the establishment of national new energy vehicle charging "inns" and "stations." The province will build no less than 500 swapping stations and no fewer than 500,000 charging piles to meet the charging needs of 1 million new energy vehicles. The access rate of public charging piles to the provincial comprehensive supervision service platform for charging and swapping infrastructure will reach 100%.

Regarding the swapping mode, the "Plan" also specifies that cities with conditions are encouraged to carry out swapping mode applications based on actual needs. The application of swapping mode is encouraged to be prioritized in public areas such as buses, taxis, urban logistics distribution, ports, and mines to promote the commercial operation of the swapping mode.

Regarding the construction methods, the "Plan" proposes four methods: market-oriented, joint construction among multiple units, self-construction by units, and integrated construction of charging piles and roads. It encourages various types of operating entities, including state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, to participate in the construction and operation of charging and swapping infrastructure, forming a unified, open, and orderly charging and swapping service market.

Source: Hefei Evening News

Editor:Zheng Chen

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