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Anhui's first smart expressway to be completed!

Pub Date:23-11-28 10:16 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Highway monitoring personnel can grasp the overall traffic situation, key vehicles, and various traffic anomalies through the cloud platform. At the same time, drivers and passengers can use their mobile phones to check real-time road closure information, weather information, and plan travel time and routes in advance...

Recently, the reporter learned from the Anhui Transportation Holding Group Co., Ltd. that the construction and expansion project of the G4211 Nanjing-Wuhu Expressway from the Anhui-Jiangsu border to the Wuhu Hub has made new progress. The Wuhu Hub section of the project has entered the final construction phase and is expected to achieve two-way traffic by the end of November 2023, with completion expected by the end of this year.

The entire project adopts the standard of an eight-lane, two-way expressway with a designed speed of 120 kilometers per hour. With the support of 'smart' technology, after opening to traffic, travel between Wuhu and destinations such as Ma'anshan and Nanjing will become smoother.

As the first smart expressway pilot project in Anhui Province, what sets it apart from other highways? According to preliminary tests, the smart expressway can reduce the rescue time for abnormal traffic incidents by 50%, improve vehicle traffic efficiency by 10%, and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents by 30%.

This project is Anhui's first smart expressway pilot project and also a smart transportation technology pilot project, which aims to build a transportation powerhouse. It comprehensively considers the integration of intelligent technology with traditional electromechanical and main engineering, and utilizes technologies such as BIM, GIS, IoT, big data, digital twins, and cloud computing to achieve more accurate perception, more efficient decision-making, more refined control, and more convenient services. It aims to achieve proactive safety warnings, accompanied information services, all-weather safe passage, and visualized intelligent control.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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