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Anhui: Striving to build the 'Greater Huangshan Area'

Pub Date:23-12-22 17:04 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On December 20th, as one of the special events of the 2023 Anhui Merchants Empowering Anhui High-Quality Development Conference, the Industrial Matchmaking Meeting for the Construction of the Greater Huangshan Area was held in Hefei.

Huangshan is an important birthplace of modern tourism in China and is known as one of the "Top Ten Beautiful Cities" in the country.

The significance of the Greater Huangshan Area's construction in Anhui is deeply felt by Anhui merchants. A group of ambitious individuals who aspire to start businesses and make a difference came to Anhui, becoming "investors" and "investment promoters" for Anhui.

There was a project signed in January 2022, construction commenced in February, trial operations began in August, and officially opened in September.

"A 323-mu natural interactive experience site for urban-rural integration, completing all construction and opening to the public within six months. The tourism scenic area project has achieved real estate-like speed, and it would not have been possible without the efficient services and support of government departments." Li Yonggang, the person in charge of Guangde's Huanxi Countryside Tourism Development Co., Ltd., confidently said, "Starting business in Anhui, there is not only speed but also warmth!"

Currently, Anhui is in a crucial period of accumulating strength, with strong momentum and great potential. The construction of the Greater Huangshan Area as a world-class leisure and wellness tourism destination is happening at an opportune time, welcoming the best period of opportunity.

Today, more and more new projects are taking root in the Greater Huangshan Area, and various industries are emerging. The countryside is also a fertile ground for entrepreneurship.

The Huangshan Guanlu International Tourism Resort project is located in Guanlu Village, Yixian, Huangshan, and is a key project in Anhui Province. Based on the protection and utilization of the traditional Guanlu ancient village, the project aims to establish a first-class leisure and wellness tourism destination and a new type of resort area.

In the opinion of Zhu Jingrong, Chairman of Mount Huangshan Jinghui Guanlu Tourism Development and Operation Co., Ltd, Yixian County, where Guanlu is located, is a historically and culturally famous village in China, belonging to one of the core areas of Huizhou culture. It provides the possibility of creating an internationalized resort tourism area that integrates Huizhou culture with natural landscapes.

"Yixian County is also an important region in the backyard of the Yangtze River Delta, with strong consumer markets such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai, as well as an integrated online and offline industry chain empowerment. Guanlu Resort has the conditions to become a demonstration project for creating a world-class leisure and wellness tourism destination in the Greater Huangshan Area." Zhu Jingrong said.

The Greater Huangshan Area has a strong investment appeal, and its high-quality development momentum is surging. A relevant person stated that, "We will use new products, new technologies, and new models in the digital cultural tourism and other emerging cultural and tourism formats to support the construction of the Greater Huangshan Area as a world-class leisure and wellness tourism destination, while also attracting more leading cultural and tourism enterprises and capital to invest in here."

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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