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Anhui Funan: small wicker drives big industry

Pub Date:2023-07-12 16:28 Source:Anhui News

On the afternoon of 11 July, the first day of the canicular days, the heat wave rolled through Funan County, Fuyang City. In WangjiabaTown,Gaotai Village, flocks of Salix integra, a kind of willow,grow against the wind in the fields.

This villagewas once "limited by water, trapped by waterand disturbed by water". According to the local conditions, residents planted the Salix integra, the plant that grows near waterand developed the willow weaving industry, which has made the village the "Hometown of Chinese Willow Weaving". Local people rely on basket weaving to support their families.

Anhui Derun Crafts Co., Ltd. is one of the willow processing enterprises in Gaotai Village, Funan County. The person in charge of the company, Zhang Chaolingsaid, she and her husband returned to their hometown in 2006 to start their own business, and now theirfactory covers an area of 15 mu, with 600 muof willow planting base and the willow weaving industry chain is complete.

From the planting, picking, peeling, soaking, drying, and then weaving and shaping of the Salix integra, each process is carried out by specialised workers in an assembly line style. "At two or three yuan each, Ican earn 50 or 60 yuan a day." Grandma Liu, 68, said.She and her husbandcome to work every day, and the two sit in front of a fan to string the woven baskets withrope bandsin various colours.

In the company's factory, willow weaving flower baskets, storage baskets, cat's nests, ornaments and handicrafts are on display. These products are not only sold internally but also exported. It is reported that last year, the company's exports alone reached more than 6 million U.S. dollars, the products are exported to 38 countries in Western Europe, North America, Southeast Asia,and other regions.

Source: Anhui News

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen and Wang Xirui


Editor:Wang Xirui

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