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Nanling, Anhui: the Farmers' Art Troupe gained recognition

Pub Date:24-01-11 17:00 Source:english.anhuinews.com

In the evening, the square of Aili Village in Yandun Town, Nanling County in Anhui was bustling with excitement. People gathered together to enjoy the wonderful performance of the Aili Farmers' Art Troupe. The members of the art troupe danced gracefully with the rhythm of the music. The leader of this team is Zhao Wenjing.

2018 was a year full of challenges and changes for Zhao Wenjing. Her husband was busy working outside; she had two young children to take care of, especially the second baby who was just one year old. Facing multiple pressures in life, Zhao Wenjing once felt tired and helpless. At this difficult time, she met the sisters of the art troupe who were rehearsing on the square. When Xiaomei saw that Zhao Wenjing was worried, she took the initiative to invite her to join the rehearsal of the art troupe. With the help of the sisters, Zhao Wenjing became optimistic and positive.

The Aili Farmers' Art Troupe is a team formed spontaneously by the villagers. They use folk art performances as a carrier to inherit and promote the excellent local folk culture. With the development of the countryside, Zhao Wenjing's family difficulties have been alleviated. She has become cheerful and optimistic under the influence of the sisters. Soon, Zhao Wenjing became the backbone of the art troupe with strong organizational and leadership abilities.

"Their program retains the local flavor and looks very friendly, we especially like it." When the art troupe rehearsed outdoors, it attracted many villagers to stop and watch.

As the art troupe gained some fame, they also went to perform in places like Kuihu Lake and Wuwei, and regularly visited welfare institutions to perform. Zhao Wenjing's efforts were recognized by the villagers.

Source: Anhui Daily 

Editor:Qin Shuying

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