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Huangshan City issues regulations on management of homestays

Pub Date:24-01-09 10:40 Source:english.anhuinews.com


The "Regulations on the Promotion and Management of Homestays in Huangshan City" have recently been issued, further promoting the healthy and orderly development of the homestay industry.

The regulations consist of 32 articles, covering the definition of homestays, departmental responsibilities, promotion measures, requirements and procedures for opening homestays, and operating standards. According to these regulations, Huangshan City and the people's governments of various counties and districts will establish a joint meeting mechanism for homestay work led by the cultural and tourism department, and provide detailed provisions for the specific responsibilities of 9 departments including culture, tourism, and public security.

To encourage, support, and guide the development of the homestay industry, the regulations include 10 measures in terms of planning, funding, facilities, etc. These measures include: supporting the revitalization of idle rural land for construction, houses, and other related facilities through various models in accordance with the law, and developing homestays using collective-owned land for profit-oriented construction in accordance with the law; encouraging financial institutions to increase credit support for the development of the homestay industry; and encouraging qualified homestays to be included in training sessions, conferences, and employee recuperation programs of government agencies and enterprises.

The regulations stipulate that the establishment of homestays follows the "declaration and joint review system at the local level." After homestay operators submit applications for registration and business licenses, the comprehensive acceptance window of the market supervision and management department will issue the licenses.

Currently, there are more than 3,200 homestays in Huangshan City, accounting for over two-thirds of the total number of homestays in Anhui province.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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