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Anhui: Spring tea harvesting in full swing

Pub Date:24-03-26 10:33 Source:english.anhuinews.com

With temperatures gradually rising, tea plants that have remained dormant throughout the winter are beginning to sprout and turn green. According to the Anhui Tea Industry Association, since March, the temperature in our province has been slowly rising, accompanied by moderate rainfall, which is conducive to the accumulation of substances within the tea plants and the improvement of tea quality. As of March 22nd, a small amount of tea harvesting has been carried out in various areas of our province, including Huangshan City, Shitai County in Chizhou City, Yuexi County, Taihu County, and Wangjiang County in Anqing City, and Xuanzhou District in Xuancheng City. The main early-maturing varieties being harvested include 乌牛早 (wū niú zǎo), 农抗早 (nóng kàng zǎo), and 红旗1号 (hóng qí yī hào).

In the early spring of this year, Anhui Province experienced more rainy and snowy weather, and the overall temperature was lower than previous years. Under the low temperature conditions, tea plant grow slowly, resulting in a delay of approximately one week in the spring tea harvesting time compared to last year in major tea-producing areas of our province. According to meteorological predictions, the weather in our province will be favorable in the coming week, with a steady temperature rise of around 5 degrees Celsius on average, accompanied by some precipitation. It is expected that in the latter part of this month, fresh tea leaves will be successively harvested in most tea-producing areas of our province.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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