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Original musical drama 'One Day' from Anhui performed in Beijing

Pub Date:23-12-12 10:51 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On December 11th, an important play of the "New Era, New Huiban (opera troupes from Anhui), New Outlook" High-quality Plays Exhibition, the original musical drama "One Day" from Anhui Province, took place at the Beijing China Pingju Opera Theater.

The musical drama "One Day" is based on one of the most thrilling events in the history of the Communist Party of China. In the play, underground operatives such as Yan Xianghui, Li Zhenrong, and Wu Di infiltrate critical enemy departments and cleverly maneuver with intelligence officer Xu Liancheng. At the crucial moment when the traitor Li Ming is about to betray important information of the Party, they fearlessly and decisively handle the situation, timely resolving the risks. The story showcases the early Party intelligence operatives who, in the era of the White Terror, use their bravery and wisdom to save the overall situation.

Selected for the National Art Fund's large-scale stage play and creation funding projects, "One Day" presents the delicate emotions of the characters and the profound themes in an artistic manner through the form of a musical drama, receiving widespread acclaim from the audience.

"It was exhilarating and extremely satisfying to watch! The play effectively presents the story and tension. The music throughout the play is smooth, and the pace of the stage transitions is fast. Especially impressive are the performances of the actors in their interactions. The overall quality of the play is very high," commented Zhu Yalin, a first-class director at the China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater. He believes that Anhui is a province rich in culture and needs specific support for theatrical productions. "In recent years, Anhui has produced a number of excellent musical and dance dramas, showcasing the artistic style of Anhui in the new era through artistic forms that are embraced by young people."

The "New Era, New Huiban, New Outlook" High-quality Plays Exhibition is co-organized by the Publicity Department of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee, the Anhui Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and the Anhui Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles. From November 29th to January 17th 2024, eight provincial theatrical troupes will present 12 outstanding productions, including Anhui Opera, Huangmei Opera, Huaibei Bangzi Opera, drama, musical drama, and dance drama, in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, and some cities within the province, totaling 21 wonderful performances. The diverse genres and rich repertoire highlight the achievements of Anhui's cultural and artistic development, showcasing the unique charm of Anhui's cultural heritage.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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