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Hefei, Anhui: Growing dendrobium brings farmers a higher income

Pub Date:23-05-06 16:33 Source:cnanhui.org

The dendrobium nobile at Anhui Peixin Agricultural Base has entered the blooming period.

In recent years, Anhui Peixin Agricultural Base in Paifang-Huizu-Manzu Township, Feidong County, Anhui Province is committed to the cultivation and standardization production of dendrobium nobile, turning it into a wealth-generating industry to increase the income of the villagers. The fresh flowers of dendrobium nobile can be eaten directly and it is also a medicinal material with health benefits. The picture shows dendrobium nobile at its blooming period in Anhui Peixin Agricultural Base.

Reported by Xu Qingyong, Liu Yucai

Translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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