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Medical staff conduct a free clinic in Guoyang, Anhui

Pub Date:23-07-21 15:42 Source:cnanhui.org

"How are you feeling?" "What questions would you like to consult about?" Recently, in Chenda Town Clinic of Guoyang County, Anhui Province, three experts, Director Physician Fei Aihua from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Anhui University of Chinese Medicine, Deputy Director Physician Yang Honglin from the Affiliated Stomatology Hospital of Anhui Medical University, and Deputy Head Nurse Wu Xuelan from the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui University of Chinese Medicine, provided on-site diagnosis and treatment for more than 300 people, allowing the public to enjoy the high-quality service of provincial-level experts right at their doorstep.

On that day, the "Healthy Community Campaign" organized by the Anhui Provincial Health Commission arrived in Guoyang County, carrying out a free clinic service activity with the theme "Preventing Chronic Diseases and Enjoying a Healthy Life." At the clinic site, medical experts earnestly received every visitor seeking medical advice, patiently answering their health-related inquiries, carefully diagnosing various illnesses, and providing practical medical plans based on examination results, as well as guiding the public on proper medication usage. To further meet the healthcare needs of the local residents, the county also organized medical staff from the County People's Hospital and Chenda Town Clinic to participate in the free clinic, offering free blood pressure measurement, blood glucose testing, distributing health promotion materials focusing on chronic disease prevention and treatment, and providing consultation services on chronic diseases.

"We elderly people have difficulty walking, and our children are working outside. When we go to major hospitals for medical treatment, there is no one to accompany us. It's really great that you can come here to treat us right at our doorstep!" expressed a patient named Yan Fengxia (alias) gratefully.

In addition, Provincial Health Lecture Expert Liu Tingjie gave a health popular science lecture on "Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Diseases," using a simple and understandable approach. Through explaining the daily diet, disease prevention, and health knowledge related to chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, the lecture aimed to promote healthy living concepts.

Reporter: Xu Huiyuan; Intern: Fan Shiyu

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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