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Cities in Anhui strive to seize opportunities and develop the NEV industry

Pub Date:2023-08-16 15:53 Source:english.anhuinews.com

In order to seize the significant opportunities for the development of the new energy vehicle industry, the cities of Ma'anshan and Huaibei fully rely on their industrial advantages to accelerate technological innovation and continuously enhance the development level of the NEV industry.

Currently, Ma'anshan is speeding up the construction of a NEV and component industrial cluster represented by CAMC and SVOLT Energy, actively building a diverse collaborative platform for the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. In the first half of this year, 102 automotive and parts enterprises in Ma'anshan achieved a total output value of 15.64 billion yuan.

At Shengshi Technology Co., Ltd. in Ma'anshan, more than 8,000 NEV battery covers roll off the production lines every minute. Since settling in Ma'anshan Economic Development Zone in 2021, the company has invested nearly 30 million yuan in the research and development of core components of NEV battery covers. It has also conducted industry-university-research cooperation with universities such as Nanjing Tech University and Anhui University of Technology, and has obtained 23 authorized patents. Currently, it has formed an annual production capacity of 200 million sets of various types of new energy battery casings.

Zhang Changchun, Director of the Product R&D Center of the company, said, "In terms of air-tightness and explosion-proof performance, our products have reached the leading level in the industry. In the first half of this year, we achieved sales of approximately 500 million yuan, and we expect to reach a sales volume of 1.5 billion yuan for the whole year."

Huaibei city relies on its own advantages in aluminum-based high-end metallic materials, energy storage, and power batteries to actively guide companies to accelerate their pace of intelligent transformation. At Anhui GuoXuan Eternal Tech, located in Huaibei High-tech Industrial Development Zone, two automated new energy power battery pack production lines with an investment of 100 million yuan are being tested and can begin trial production in September. Compared with traditional semi-automatic production lines, the new production lines can more than double the production capacity.

Wang Wei, General Manager of the company, said, "Since the beginning of this year, we have received subsidies for NEV intelligent manufacturing from various levels of the provincial and municipal governments, totaling more than 5 million yuan. We expect to achieve an annual production capacity of 1 million sets by the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan period."

Wei Lin, Member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Huaibei Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, said, "We focus on improving the capacity of industrial foundations and optimizing the industrial development environment. By establishing a panoramic view of the industry, a group of leading enterprises, and a set of service measures, we deeply integrate into the province's new energy and intelligent connected vehicle industry chain, and strive to achieve a NEV industry output value of over 70 billion yuan in the city by 2025."

Source: Anhui News Broadcast

Editor:Zheng Chen

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