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Anhui Hefei: Cultural New Landmark, Urban Countryside Style

Pub Date:23-11-21 09:45 Source:english.anhuinews.com


The youth creative countryside in the early winter season is full of poetic and picturesque scenery

From Xiaobanqiao river to Longgang road, in the Daxing Town of Yaohai District, Hefei City, there is a vibrant youth creative countryside emerging, featuring youth, cultural creativity, and fashion. It is becoming a new cultural landmark for young people to check-in.

According to reports, the first phase of the Youth Creative Countryside is positioned as a large urban ecological landscape park, including colorful flower valleys, rainbow towers, five-color forests, Sanggong Pond, and wetlands in the middle reaches of the twentieth port river, creating a vibrant and colorful natural environment.

The second phase of the Youth Creative Countryside project, constructed by China Railway Fourth Bureau Municipal Engineering Company, mainly focuses on the renovation of two existing village buildings, farmland arrangement, forest renewal, and upgrading of ancillary landscape greening. With 40,000 square meters of distinctive architecture, it fully integrates tourism, leisure entertainment, cultural arts, and other functions, creating a picturesque pastoral landscape tourist attraction and a vibrant gathering place for youth activities.

This ecological countryside within the urban landscape park was once abandoned farmland with dense and disorderly village buildings and poor living conditions. In order to revitalize this land, the Yaohai District of Hefei City explores a development model combining culture, tourism, and agriculture, turning desolate land into "poetric land" in the city.


The youth creative countryside in the early winter season is full of poetic and picturesque scenery


The youth creative countryside in the early winter season is full of poetic and picturesque scenery


The youth creative countryside in the early winter season is full of poetic and picturesque scenery

Reported by Liu Yucai

Source:   anhuinews.com

Editor:Qin Shuying

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