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'The Glow of the Furnace Illuminates the World' performed in Lu'an

Pub Date:23-12-13 12:36 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On the stage, in front of the towering No. 9 blast furnace of Masteel (Ma'anshan Iron and Steel Company), an inspiring story unfolds: Three generations of steelworkers dedicate themselves to cutting-edge technological breakthroughs, ultimately creating high-speed train wheels that belong to the Chinese people. On December 11th, the drama "The Glow of the Furnace Illuminates the World" was splendidly performed at the Lu'an Red Theatre, receiving a warm welcome from the audience.

"The Glow of the Furnace Illuminates the World" revolves around the theme of Masteel workers upholding the spirit of craftsmanship and independently developing high-speed train wheels. It tells the story of Chen Gang, who steadfastly returns to China after studying abroad and overcomes numerous obstacles to achieve the localization of special steel and high-speed train wheels. The drama portrays a group of new-era craftsmen and showcases the practice of Anhui's transition from a traditional agricultural province to an emerging industrial province, and from a manufacturing powerhouse to a province driven by innovation.

"This drama premiered in November last year in Ma'anshan City. It is the first drama jointly produced by the province, city, enterprise, and institute. It is also the first industrial-themed drama in our province. We feel extremely honored to bring this play to Lu'an for performances," said Duan Xiaobo, Director of Anhui Provincial Drama Theatre. He added that the play has toured more than 20 cities across the country this year and participated in the 18th China Theatre Festival, receiving widespread acclaim.

"The character of Chen Gang embodies the stories of many technically skilled workers who have received higher education. He is not a rough and tough person but engages in scientific research with a passionate, determined, and delicate heart. I am extremely proud to portray such a role," said Ke Junhao, who plays the leading role of Chen Gang, expressing his excitement about performing in the old district of Lu'an.

"In this drama, the relentless pursuit of dreams by young people deeply touched me," said Mr. Yue, an audience member. "I brought my child to watch the play, hoping that he can also gain some insights."

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Source: anhuinews.com

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