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Leading Industry gains momentum! Anhui produces nearly 10% of NEVs in China

Pub Date:2023-08-09 16:26 Source:english.anhuinews.com

China has become the world's largest market for new energy vehicles, with a global competitive advantage, and has held the top spot in production and sales for eight consecutive years, with a global market share of over 60%. As a trendsetter in the era of new energy vehicles, Anhui has taken the lead.

According to reports, in the first half of this year, Anhui's total automobile production was 1.026 million units, an increase of 43.6% and accounting for 7.7% of the national total. Among them, the production of new energy vehicles in Anhui was 342,000 units, an increase of 87.8% and accounting for 9% of the national total. In the first half of this year, the development of the new energy vehicle industry in Anhui has achieved remarkable results, greatly boosting the confidence and strength of the province's continuous efforts to build the "leading industry."

Relying on a complete industrial foundation, industrial chain system, and industrial layout, Anhui has made rapid progress in the field of new energy vehicles, ranking among the top in the country.

Currently, Anhui is home to seven major vehicle manufacturers, including BYD, Chery, Volkswagen, NIO, JAC, Chang'an, and CAMC, and has more than 1,100 parts and components enterprises above designated size. It has established a complete industrial chain system for complete vehicles, engines, bodies, chassis, interior and exterior decorations, power batteries, and motor control. It has constructed a "one chain and three lines" strategic layout with three dominant directions for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and special vehicles, with multiple technical routes including gasoline, pure electric, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel, covering passenger cars, buses, and light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks.

In the past three years, Anhui's automobile production has maintained a growth rate of over 20%. In 2022, Anhui's automobile production was 1.747 million units, an increase of 17.4% year-on-year, and the production of new energy vehicles was 527,000 units, an increase of 108% year-on-year. The total production of automobiles and new energy vehicles ranked seventh in the country, with both production volumes reaching historic highs.

According to the "Anhui Province New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Action Plan (2021-2023)," the proportion of Anhui's new energy vehicle production to the national total is expected to exceed 10% by 2023.

The "14th Five-Year Plan" for the Anhui automobile industry states that by 2025, breakthroughs will be made in the cultivation of world-class automobile industry clusters, and the province will strive to achieve an automobile industry output value of over 1 trillion yuan and a production scale of over 3 million vehicles by local enterprises.

Source: CNR.cn

Reported by Xu Peng

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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