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Explore Hui-style architecture to promote traditional culture

Pub Date:24-01-29 10:43 Source:english.anhuinews.com

The Hui culture is a "beautiful card" of Anhui, and the Hui-style architecture silently narrates the splendid history of Hui culture. On January 24th, Class 26 of Grade 7 from Hefei No. 46 Middle School embarked on a winter social practice activity, entering the Hui-style Architecture and Culture Exhibition Center at Hefei University of Technology to explore the unique beauty of Hui-style architecture and art. 

As a newly publicized provincial-level education and research science popularization base, it showcases many exquisite Hui-style architectural components and cultural and creative works produced by the school's teachers and students. At the event, the students followed the lead of Professor Wang Wei and Associate Professor Song Beibei from Hefei University of Technology. They walked through the spacious and bright exhibition hall, listening to the teachers' vivid introductions while observing attentively. Exquisite wood carvings, brick carvings, stone carvings, meticulously crafted architectural models of Huizhou residences and archways, as well as grand and imposing calligraphy and paintings, allowed the students to experience the unique charm of Huizhou culture and the superb craftsmanship of Hui-style architecture. The event celebrated the harmonious blend of architecture and art, the integration of history and modernity, and the concurrent advancement of technology and culture. 

Brick carving is an important component of Hui-style architectural art and also the best testament to the inheritance of Hui culture. The Huizhou region, with its overlapping mountains and beautiful scenery, reveals buildings with white walls and grey tiles against the picturesque landscape. The brick carvings adorned with the character "寿" (longevity) on the door panels create a dreamlike realm reminiscent of fairyland pavilions. As the teacher explained, the students stopped in their tracks, immersed in the millennia-old history of Huizhou.

Source: anhuinews.com

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