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Hefei's first NEV charging complex soon to open

Pub Date:23-05-09 16:31 Source:cnanhui.org

On May 8th, the reporter learned from the Hefei Urban and Rural Development Bureau that, the Hefei New Energy Vehicle Charging Facilities Complex (Shi-Su Intersection) project has successfully passed various acceptance checks and will soon be handed over and put into operation to alleviate the difficulties of charging and parking, as well as better serve the needs of car owners.

The Hefei New Energy Vehicle Charging Facilities Complex (Shi-Su Intersection) project is the first charging facilities complex project in Hefei. The project is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Shixin Road and Susong Road, with a planned total construction area of approximately 15,424.84 square meters. It includes one underground floor and five above ground floors, with a total of 197 charging pile parking spaces, including 185 small car charging pile parking spaces and 12 large truck charging pile parking spaces.

It is reported that the biggest highlight of the project is its centralized, multi-format and integrated operation. In the later stage, it will introduce various commercial formats through the "charging + commercial" business operation mode, provide more "one-stop" services for car owners waiting for charging, and drive the development of surrounding businesses, further creating a model for the construction of Hefei's charging infrastructure.

As of now, the commissioning of the charging piles and the intelligent system has been completed. The next step is to prepare for operation and put it into use as soon as possible.

Reported by Tan Meiling

Translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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