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The Chizhou-Huangshan high-speed railway commenced operations

Pub Date:24-04-26 16:43 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Traversing mountains and lakes, the Chizhou-Huangshan high-speed rail link has been established. On the morning of April 26th, the Chizhou-Huangshan high-speed railway, hailed as the "most beautiful high-speed rail," officially commenced operations, ushering in the high-speed rail era for the greater Huangshan region.

The launch of the Chizhou-Huangshan high-speed train not only marks the end of the history of no high-speed rail service in Qingyang County of Chizhou City and Huangshan District of Huangshan City but also connects the Jiuhua Mountain and Mount Huangshan, two national scenic areas. This development is milestone-significant for building the Greater Huangshan area into a world-class leisure, vacation, and health tourism destination and for contributing to the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region.

The newly built Chizhou-Huangshan high-speed railway has a main line length of 125 kilometers, featuring four stations: Chizhou, Jiuhuashan, Huangshanxi, and Yixiandong. It passes through several national scenic areas such as Jiuhua Mountain, Taiping Lake, Mount Huangshan, Xidi, Hongcun, and Qiyun Mountain, making it a "culturally rich" and "highly picturesque" golden tourism route.

As the first high-speed railway connecting Chizhou and Mount Huangshan, the launch of the Chizhou-Huangshan high-speed railway has reduced the travel time between Jiuhua Mountain and Huangshanxi to approximately 30 minutes. This will greatly enhance the flow of tourists between the two areas and tap into the potential for comprehensive tourism development along the route. Within Chizhou, 24 different types of businesses including scenic spots, hotels, homestays, and cultural venues have all announced traveler-friendly policies following the high-speed rail's inauguration, introducing three high-speed rail travel product routes: the "Greater Huangshan" independent tour, the "Greater Jiuhua" sightseeing tour, and the "Greater Chizhou" health and wellness tour, offering more travel options for high-speed rail visitors.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Qin Shuying

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