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Anhui: New Stage, New Practice

Pub Date:24-01-18 11:09 Source:english.anhuinews.com

12 plays, 21 performances, the inheritance and breakthrough of the new and old, ignited a fire on the national art stage, illuminated the vigor of Anhui opera stage art, and planted artistic sparks in the hearts of more audiences who do not understand Anhui regional culture.

The youthful interpretation of outstanding traditional repertoires such as "Marriage of the Fairy Princess" and "Female Consort Prince" of Huangmei Opera is very popular. A batch of newly compiled historical and literary repertoires such as "The Story of Liu Ming-chuan" of Anhui Opera and "Dream of the Red Chamber" of Huangmei Opera have highlighted each other, while a batch of modern repertoires such as "The Light Illuminates the World" and "The Stormy Wangjiaba Town" bring life to the stage with the breath of the times and Anhui's distinctiveness. 

Only by drawing inspirations from excellent traditional culture, refining elements from contemporary life, and meeting the aesthetic needs and values of the present can we create works with a richer sense of the times and a youthful spirit that resonate with the hearts of the people.

As stages of various sizes spread throughout urban and rural areas, talented and charismatic emerging artists gain experience on stage, constantly creating authentic "Chinese aesthetics" that appeal to young people.

When the New Huiban (opera troupes from Anhui), imbued with youthful energy, utilizes more contemporary and fashionable means of creation and dissemination to captivate a wider audience, "Youxi Anhui" will seamlessly integrate traditional art with modern technology, connect cultural heritage with market resources, inherit and develop, providing more momentum for cultural breakthroughs and the growth of cultural tourism. 

Source: Anhui Daily 

Editor:Qin Shuying

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