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Four generations' dedication to China Yew conservation in Dashan Village

Pub Date:2024-03-12 11:12 Source:english.anhuinews.com

In the bright and clear spring, on a slope in Dashan Village, Xianyu Town, Shitai County, numerous wild China yews thrive, exuding vibrant vitality under the gentle breeze of spring. The China yew, a first-class rare and endangered plant in China, contains the anti-cancer substance paclitaxel and is hailed as the "giant panda" of the plant world.

Previously, this mountain only had a few scattered China yews. The Deng family from the local area, spanning four generations, has been dedicated to protecting and cultivating them. Now, over 1,000 China yews cover the mountain, creating a beautiful ecological landscape nurtured with their painstaking efforts.

Recently, reporters visited Dashan Village and met with the fourth-generation guardian, Deng Xuemao. Like his deceased father Deng Changgen, Deng Xuemao regularly climbs the mountain with tools whenever he has free time, checking on the growth of China yews, clearing weeds, collecting seeds, and transplanting seedlings to nearby land.

In the 1930s, influenced by his grandfather and father, Deng Changgen began caring for and cultivating China yews when he was only in his teens. Due to the slow growth and poor regenerative ability of China yews in natural conditions, Deng Changgen made continuous efforts, with one tree after another taking root and growing in the mountain forest. He went to the mountain almost every day, making two round trips most of the time, and his life had long been intertwined with the China yews. In 2021, Deng Changgen was honored with the title of "National Top 100 Most Beautiful Ecological and Environmental Volunteers."

Green mountains and clear waters are worth more than mountains of gold and silver. Influenced by the Deng family, the villagers of Dashan Village have joined the ranks of protecting and cultivating China yews. They also cherish every blade of grass and every tree on the mountain. The forest coverage rate here has exceeded 95%.

The "green" story continues...

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Editor:Zheng Chen

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