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Only with a fertile cultural soil can the evergreen tree of art and culture flourish

Pub Date:23-12-05 16:42 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Recently, there have been a series of outstanding performances from Anhui taking the stage one after another.

On the evening of November 28th, the Zaifen Huangmei • Hefei Performance Season grandly opened at the Anhui Grand Theater. From Anqing to Hefei, Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen, from the Anhui Grand Theater to the National Grand Theater, the captivating melodies of Huangmei opera resound, becoming a walking symbol that carries the essence of Anhui's culture.

On the evening of November 29th, the Anhui opera 'The Story of Liu Ming-chuan' echoed through the Chang'an Grand Theater in Beijing, spreading the profound essence of Huizhou culture and igniting a patriotic fervor that deeply touched the audience in Beijing.

In recent days, Anhui's first industrial-themed drama, 'Furnace Lighting Up the World,' has been performed in Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities, allowing the audiences to feel the red "flames" of Ma'anshan.

From Huangmei opera to Anhui opera, and now to dramas, from local performances to the Yangtze River Delta and beyond, Anhui is a land abundant with artistic brilliance.

According to statistics, Anhui is home to seven interprovincial theatrical genres, including Peking Opera and Henan Opera, as well as 24 local theatrical genres such as Huangmei Opera, Anhui Opera, Lu Opera, and Huaibei Bangzi Opera. The number of local theatrical genres ranks third in the country. With a rich variety of theatrical genres and diverse local characteristics, Anhui has embraced deep interprovincial integration, continuous artistic creation, and nurtured its unique artistic soil, revitalizing the cultural essence that has emerged from its rich history.

Today, attending theater performances is not only favored by the elderly but also increasingly embraced by young people. The 'youthful faces' not only enjoy watching theater performances but also actively participate on stage.

It can be said that the pursuit of art and the passionate pursuit of traditional opera have always resided in the hearts of Anhui people.

In recent days, the 'New Era, New Huiban(Anhui Opera troupes), New Outlook' exhibition of high-quality theatrical productions from Anhui is on tour, with performances scheduled in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei, and other cities. The event will continue until January next year. During this period, eight theater troupes, twelve plays, and twenty-one performances will captivate the audience and help bring Anhui opera into the homes of ordinary people.

From the Anhui opera 'The Story of Liu Ming-chuan,' 'Huiban' to the Huangmei Opera 'On the Taiyang Mountain' and 'Female Consort Prince,' from the Huaibei Bangzi Opera 'Storm over Wangjiaba' to the drama 'Furnace Lighting Up the World'... These classic masterpieces include both traditional classic plays and high-quality productions created and performed since the new era, which have had a significant influence nationwide.

Anhui's 'excellent plays' are spreading across the country, and the key to the enduring popularity of drama lies in Anhui's ability to tell deeply touching stories through stage effects.

In today's era, the audience's expectations are high, and only by continuously focusing on heritage and innovation, delivering more satisfying and beloved works to the audience, can one gain a following and tap into the market.

Good stories need to be shared, and great performances need to be showcased. For example, in the era of screens, bringing theater to the people not only requires dedicated efforts on the stage but also expanding horizons and using an internet mindset to create a presence.

At the same time, the integration of theater and tourism offers a fresh path. A city can be enriched by a production, and a production can embody the memories of a city. More and more places are trying to bring stage plays and theater into scenic spots, popular tourist destinations, and places frequented by internet celebrities. This not only opens up the market but also disseminates culture, empowering tourism through culture and showcasing culture through tourism.

In the case of Anhui, how can the stage become more vibrant? By combining content with innovative forms, Anhui's 'high-quality plays' will undoubtedly open up new horizons.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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