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Media's View of Anhui: What aspects of Anhui leave the deepest impressions

Pub Date:2024-03-07 16:23 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On the afternoon of March 6th, in the meeting room of Beijing Yuanwanglou Hotel, the accommodation for the Anhui delegation, the atmosphere was lively as the Anhui delegation held a group meeting and opened it to the media.

"What aspects of Anhui have caught your attention and interest the most?" Taking advantage of the meeting not having started yet, journalists interviewed the media colleagues present.

The technological vibe was the common impression of Anhui among many reporters that day.

"In recent years, Anhui's development speed has been very fast, especially in the field of technological innovation, showing strong momentum and fruitful achievements, which has changed my previous impression of Anhui as an agricultural province," said Miao Lin, a journalist from China Postal Express News, deeply touched.

Anhui's excellent business environment was also a topic frequently mentioned by many reporters during the interviews.

Yang Lingyun, a journalist from the Hong Kong Commercial Daily, had tracked and reported on the experience of a Hong Kong-listed company investing in Anhui. He recalled that the company had invested in and built a million-ton beer production base in Huaiyuan County, Anhui, receiving strong support from the local government. "The government has built a beer industry park to support the enterprise, introducing upstream and downstream companies in the industry chain, including beer packaging."

The growth of the automotive industry was another example of the improving business environment in Anhui observed by the media.

"Anhui has made the automotive industry its leading industry, attracting more and more automobile companies, especially new energy vehicle companies, to settle in Anhui," said Li Ruichen, a journalist from Guangming Daily. He believed that without a supportive environment, it would not be possible for so many companies to invest in Anhui.

Anhui's abundant tourism resources have always been appealing. Especially with Anhui currently building the Southern Anhui International Cultural Tourism Demonstration Zone. "I really want to go on a trip to Anhui," exclaimed Sun Fengjuan, a journalist from the Procuratorial Daily, excitedly.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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