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'The Light Illuminates the World' staged in Hefei

Pub Date:24-01-19 11:14 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On the evening of January 17, the Anhui Provincial Drama Theater and Ma'anshan Art Theatre's drama "The Light Illuminates the World" was brilliantly staged at the Anhui Grand Theatre, with more than a thousand audiences in Hefei watching. This is also the first performance launched by the "Beautiful Anhui Celebrate Chinese New Year" series of cultural activities for the benefit of the people in Anhui to welcome the Spring Festival in 2024.

"I will base myself on the technical position, be brave in overcoming difficulties." said Wang Weixian, an employee at Anhui JAC Group Light Commercial Vehicle Branch. Being in the manufacturing industry as well, she was particularly impressed by this drama.

It is understood that the drama "The Light Illuminates the World" performed this time is the first industrial theme drama in Anhui Province, which has been staged in Hefei, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places. The play focuses on the process of Chinese steel workers adhering to the spirit of "great craftsmanship" and reflects the vivid practice of Anhui vigorously promoting new industrialization and accelerating the construction of intelligent and green manufacturing province.

"We have created a major drama that praises the new era of Chinese steel workers, and at the same time organically integrates the hardness of steel with the emotional temperature of people, striving to create a good drama that is popular with the audience and thought-provoking." Said Li Bonan, director of "The Light Illuminates the World".


During the Spring Festival, the Publicity Department of CPC Anhui Provincial Committee, Anhui Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Anhui Provincial Radio and Television Bureau, and the Anhui Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles jointly organized the "Beautiful Anhui Celebrate Chinese New Year" 2024 Anhui Spring Festival series of cultural activities for the benefit of the people. They organized literary and artistic teams at all levels from all over the province to show movies, send books and newspapers to villages, towns, communities, schools, and other places at or below the county level, and carried out training, lectures and paired guidance. 

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Qin Shuying

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