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Huangshan, Anhui: building beautiful and harmonious rural villages

Pub Date:24-02-02 11:11 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Bathed in the warm winter sun, walking through the villages of Huangshan city, one can often see busy men and women, young and old alike, making rice cakes or cutting frozen rice candy, sweeping courtyards or purchasing New Year goods. 

On January 17th, reporters visited Lingshan Village in Chengkan Town, Huizhou District, where large and small construction vehicles shuttled back and forth, presenting a scene of extraordinary bustle.

"The tourist resort centered on Lingshan Village covers an area of 12.45 square kilometers, involving 2 towns and 5 villages, with a total investment of over 1 billion yuan. The core area is scheduled to open for business around October this year," Luo Jianzhong, the general manager of Huizhou District Romantic Red Culture and Tourism Group, told reporters. This project aims to create a comprehensive hub and multi-functional distribution center spanning both Huizhou District and Shexian County, as well as providing remote diversion during peak tourism periods for the Huangshan scenic area; it breaks down regional boundaries, moving from village-by-village advancement towards integrated planning and development.

Huangshan city positions and considers village planning within the grand context of municipal and county development and rural revitalization, accurately grasping the rural geographical form and cultural heritage. It comprehensively contemplates land use, industrial development, residential layout, living environment improvement, ecological protection, and historical and cultural inheritance. Starting from an overall arrangement, the city has successively introduced a series of plans and guidelines such as the master plan for beautiful rural construction, traditional village conservation and utilization, and technical guidelines for Hui-style residential construction. Currently, Huangshan city has developed practical village planning schemes that integrate multiple regulations for 565 administrative villages, accounting for 100.42% of the total planned compilation, providing support for the construction of harmonious and beautiful villages.

Source: Anhui Daily 

Editor:Qin Shuying

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