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First batch of AI garbage classification 'inspectors' on duty in Hefei

Pub Date:2024-03-14 11:04 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On March 13, reporters learned from the Baohe District Urban Management Bureau that the city's first batch of AI "patrol officers" for garbage classification went on duty in Wannianbu Subdistrict of Baohe District. Recently, this subdistrct took the lead in piloting the use of an AI intelligent video monitoring system in Hefei.

This intelligent system can identify non-standard dumping behaviors, upload them to the backend in real time, and remind property management and other responsible units to deal with them in a timely manner, so as to control the garbage classification dumping sites from the source in a refined way. At present, the system has covered all 75 garbage classification dumping sites in 6 communities of the street.

Accurate Identification to Improve Monitoring Level

On the afternoon of March 13, reporters saw on the large screen in the command center that real-time images of 75 garbage classification dumping sites were displayed, and the images of sites with automatic warnings were rolling at the bottom.

At 15:35, reporters saw through the system that there were several bags of household garbage on the ground outside a garbage classification dumping site in Baonengcheng Phase 1 Community. After being intelligently detected and identified by the AI detection camera, it was uploaded to the warning center in real time. The system sent warning information to the mobile phones of relevant staff in the street and community.

After receiving the warning SMS, Zhang Chi, a staff member of the urban management department of Wannianbu Subdistrict, immediately fed back the situation to the property management company of the community. Through the real-time screen, reporters saw that around 15:40, the cleaning supervisor of the property company led sorters to the scene and cleaned up the garbage on the ground.

Through the video monitoring model, the environmental sanitation around the garbage classification dumping sites has been effectively improved, winning praise from many residents. "Since this monitoring system was installed, the garbage dumping sites have become clean and tidy, and the community environment has improved a lot," Mr. Huang, a resident who came to dump garbage at the Linhuyuan garbage classification dumping site, told reporters.

Technological Empowerment to Improve Work Efficiency

For grassroots departments, intelligent management methods have greatly improved work efficiency.

In the daily management of garbage classification, dumping sites often experience overflow and littering. In the past, staff had to be arranged to patrol each site, making it difficult to ensure full coverage. After the installation of the AI intelligent video monitoring system, potential issues can be discovered and addressed in a timely manner by viewing the monitoring videos.

"In the past, it took one staff member more than two days to patrol all 75 sites, but now with this system, staff can patrol anytime, anywhere," said Liu Pengfei, a technical staff of the system.

"Based on the usage of the intelligent garbage station monitoring platform, we will continue to optimize management measures in cooperation with Wannianbu Subdistrict and other major subdistricts and communities to empower garbage classification work in the whole district with technology to reach a new level," said a person in charge from the Baohe District Urban Management Bureau.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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