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Snow removal efforts ensure smooth operation of Anhui expressway network

Pub Date:24-02-22 16:13 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On February 20th, the overall operation of the highway network in Anhui Province was stable, and the traffic order was good. There were intermittent traffic congestions within the network, but it was significantly reduced compared to previous days, although still higher than the daily average traffic volume.

In the afternoon of February 20th, influenced by a new round of cold wave weather, varying degrees of snowfall occurred in the northern region of Anhui, which affected the traffic in the Bozhou section of Yancheng-Luoyang Expressway, Suzhou section of Nanjing-Luoyang Expressway, and Bozhou to Suzhou section of Dezhou–Shangrao Expressway in the region. According to the deployment of the Anhui Provincial Department of Transportation, the relevant operational units of Anhui Transportation Holding Group responded promptly to the snowfall, quickly organized emergency teams and snow removal machinery, and made every effort to carry out road snow removal and ice melting work, as well as clearing snow at toll gates. According to statistics, until midnight on February 21st, the relevant operational units had deployed approximately 316 snow removal machinery and spread about 819 tons of snow-melting agents, effectively ensuring the overall smooth operation of the expressway network.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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