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Anhui develops monkeypox virus quick detection kit

Pub Date:2023-06-14 17:08 Source:cnanhui.org

The recent reports of monkeypox infection cases in Beijing and Guangzhou have raised public concern. The Department of Clinical Laboratory of Anhui Public Health Clinical Center (North Campus of The First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University) recently announced that it has independently developed a monkeypox virus detection kit that is capable of reducing the detection time from hours or even days to 30-40 minutes, providing strong technical support for the prevention and control of monkeypox virus outbreaks.

Individuals infected with the monkeypox virus may experience symptoms such as fever, chills, shivering, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, swollen lymph nodes, and widespread rash throughout the body. The virus can be transmitted through direct contact with infected animals or humans, as well as via respiratory droplets. In the laboratory, the virus can be confirmed through the collection of patients' rash fluid, nasal or other secretions for the examination of viral inclusions, viral antigen detection, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing for nucleic acids, and virus isolation and cultivation.

The detection kit, independently developed by the Department of Clinical Laboratory of Anhui Public Health Clinical Center, is an innovation combining isothermal amplification and CRISPR technology with immunochromatographic strips. It is capable of performing quick and convenient diagnosis of monkeypox virus infection patients under various medical conditions, reducing the detection time from hours and even days to 30-40 minutes. This new invention will bring strong technical support for the prevention and control of monkeypox virus outbreaks. The detection technology has been submitted for a patent application and will be published in the "Journal of Medical Virology" (2022 impact factor/JCR quartile: 20.693/Q1).

Editor:Fanxi Feng

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