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JAC Saudi Dammam showroom was grandly opened
Recently, the opening ceremony of JAC Saudi Dammam showroom and the launching ceremony of T8 PRO pickup were grandly held, and ... Pub Date:24-06-17 15:29
Ankai Luxury Buses Enter Xinjiang, Boosting the High-quality Development of Tourism
On May 29, 2024, a batch of Ankai N8 double-front windshield luxury buses were delivered to the Bayang Hongyan Tourism Transpor... Pub Date:24-06-17 15:02
JAC Group’s DE-FINE technology vision concept car has won the Red Dot Award 2024
Recently, the highly anticipated Red Dot Award 2024 was officially announced. JAC Group’s DE-FINE technology vision concept ca... Pub Date:24-06-13 17:13
JAC Saudi Dammam showroom was grandly opened
Recently, the opening ceremony of JAC Saudi Dammam showroom and the launching ceremony of T8 PRO pickup were grandly held, and ... Pub Date:24-06-11 16:56
Ankai Buses Promote the Development of Urban and Rural Passenger Transportation
In May, a batch of Ankai pure electric A5 and pure electric K8 injected new vitality into Tianjia Passenger Transportation Co.,...
Source: Pub Date:24-06-03 16:58
Ankai Electric Bus G6,G7 Helping Tourism Construction
The pure electric G9 bus adopts a fully loaded body structure, and its motor, battery, interior and exterior decoration, etc., ...
Source: Pub Date:24-06-03 16:26
JAC New Commerical Vehicles Debuted in UAE
The international launch of JAC’s new commercial vehicle products signifies the upward and forward development of the JAC bran...
Source: Pub Date:24-06-03 15:59
HELI AGV debuts in Southeast Asia——Indonesia Forklift Exhibition
FORKLIFT INDONESIA is the only exhibition in Southeast Asia that focuses on forklift trucks and is supported by the Indonesian ...
Source:HELI FORKLIFT Pub Date:24-05-20 15:55
JAC with star models exhibited in 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition
On 25th April, 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition officially kicked off with the theme of 'Driving to Smart Mobil...
Source: Pub Date:24-05-11 16:01
Anhui Province State-owned Enterprises Going Global in Europe
In recent years, Anhui Province state-owned enterprises have actively implemented the Belt and Road Initiative, vigorously adva... Pub Date:24-05-09 17:35
Dialogue · 2024 Horasis China Forum Conference
The meeting, as a good opportunity to show Binh Duong Province to foreign-funded enterprises, would effectively promote the str...
Source: Pub Date:24-05-07 10:08
Ankai Electric A6 Tourist Buses Delivered to Guangxi
On April 23, a batch of Ankai pure electric A6s were delivered to the New Line Group Co., Ltd. again, helping the local area to...
Source: Pub Date:24-05-07 09:38
JAC unveiled its technology vision concept car and a variety of new smart electric products at the Beijing Auto Show
As the first model launched by JAC based on China's first exclusive MPV architecture - MUSE architecture, RF8 Harmony Edition w...
Source: Pub Date:24-05-06 15:58
JAC’s first international new VI flagship store held a user salon event
Recently, a unique user salon was held in the JAC flagship showroom in Quito, Ecuador. JAC invited eight local users for a gath...
Source: Pub Date:24-05-06 15:28
Soaring growth of the low-altitude economy
In recent years, as low-altitude flights have been increasingly utilized, the low-altitude economy has rapidly integrated into ... Pub Date:24-04-19 17:05
JAC Heavy-duty trucks export to Gulf region in batches
Recently, The Delivery Ceremony Of JAC Heavy-duty Trucks Exported To the Gulf Region was held in Hefei. This event marks a sign...
Source: Pub Date:24-04-11 15:24
530 Units Ankai Buses Join Public Transport Network in Saudi Arabia
On April, 3, a grand ceremony was held to mark the departure of 530 units Ankai buses to Saudi Arabia. With the arrival of thes...
Source: Pub Date:24-04-10 15:36
JAC and UBER Brazil officially established a strategic partnership
Recently, JAC and UBER Brazil officially established a strategic partnership to provide e-JS1 electric vehicle purchase incenti...
Source: Pub Date:24-04-08 15:22
Ankai Pure Electric Double-Decker Buses Exported to France in Batch
On the morning of March 26, the departure ceremony for the batch export of Ankai pure electric double-decker sightseeing buses ...
Source: Pub Date:24-04-08 15:10
JAC sponsors the 8th Extreme Ride 4 Hunger Tour 2024 bicycle riding event in South Africa
Recently, the 8th Extreme Ride 4 Hunger Tour 2024 bicycle riding event in South Africa was launched as scheduled, with a 10-day...
Source: Pub Date:24-04-03 15:46
JAC T9 debuts in Australia
On March 20, JAC and its Australian partners held a launch conference in Sydney, Australia with the first high-end pickup truck...
Source: Pub Date:24-03-29 16:54
JAC Joins hands with Mexico's top baseball team
On March 14th, JAC became the official sponsor of Mexico's top baseball team 'Diablo Rojos' and the press conference for this w...
Source: Pub Date:24-03-28 16:49
Ankai N8 Helps New Development of Tourism Passenger Transportation
Recently, a batch ofAnkai N8 luxury buseswere delivered to Anhui Haoyu Business Tourism Automobile Company. Pub Date:24-03-19 15:15
Ankai Embraces 2024 by Delivering G9 Buses to Saudi Arabia for Operation
On February, 17, a batch of Ankai G9 buses officially embarked on their journey to Saudi Arabia. Huang Liping, president of Ank... Pub Date:24-03-04 15:10
Ankai Bus & Coach Sales Up by 169.33% Year on Year in 2023
According to Ankai, its bus & coach sales grew by 169.33% year on year and its sales of large- and medium-sized buses & coaches... Pub Date:24-03-04 15:09
Anhui: Technological innovation leading industrial development
In recent years, our province has firmly taken the initiative in innovation and strived to build an influential source of scien... Pub Date:24-02-27 10:58
JAC and its Turkish partner, BMC, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement
On January 22, JAC and its Turkish partner, BMC, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, with senior executives fro... Pub Date:24-02-02 10:13
2024 First Pickup Export Delivery Ceremony for Saudi Arabia Fleet Customer were held in JAC
Recently, 2024 First Pickup Export Delivery Ceremony & Batch Delivery Ceremony for Saudi Arabia Fleet Customer were held in JAC... Pub Date:24-02-01 09:07
Fruitful Achievements by ACEG for 2022-2023 National-Level Quality Project Award
Recently, the results of China Construction Engineering Luban Prize and National Quality Project Award for 2022-2023 have been ... Pub Date:24-01-26 14:48
Batch of Ankai buses delivered to Dominica
On January 15, 50 Ankai buses were officially delivered to Dominican Republic. Pub Date:24-01-18 10:44
Ankai A8 bus, a new driving experience
Recently, a batch of high-end A8 buses were formally delivered to Anhui Hongzhan Tourism Automobile Service Company, and the ba... Pub Date:24-01-17 09:53
“Industry Outstanding Case Award”——HELI's AGV case
Recently, the 2023 China Mobile Robot and AGV/AMR Industry Development Conference, hosted by the AGV/AMR Industry Alliance, was... Pub Date:24-01-15 09:16
“THE ROAD”—HELI's global newest promotional video rocks!
Here's HELI's latest global promotional video - “THE ROAD”. Pub Date:24-01-03 10:07
Ankai F7 Luxury Mid-buses Delivered to Chile for Operation
A batch of Ankai F7 luxury mid-buses was officially delivered to their customer in Chile for operation, ushering in a brand new... Pub Date:24-01-02 15:06
JAC Power|JAC flagship SUV JS6 made its prestigious debut in the UAE
Recently, JAC flagship SUV JS6 made its prestigious debut in the UAE. Pub Date:23-12-27 15:22
JAC Power|JAC Exhibited in Auto Zurich 2023
Recently, Auto Zurich 2023 in Switzerland opened at the Zurich Exhibition Center, which is a world most prestigious auto exhibi... Pub Date:23-12-25 15:03
ACEG Won Award of China's Top 500 Listed Companies for 2023
ACEG won award of China's Top 500 Listed Companies for 2023. Mr.Li Yougui, vice chairman and general manager of ACEG, attended ... Pub Date:23-12-21 16:46
2023 HELI Quality Survey Campaign of North America
The Global Quality Survey Campaign of 2023 ended the year on a high note in North America. Pub Date:23-12-18 14:50
HELI| China's Top 500 Machinery Enterprise in 2023!
Anhui Forklift Group Co., Ltd. has recently been awarded China's Top 500 Machinery and World First-Class Machinery Enterprise i... Pub Date:23-12-15 15:44
JAC held a grand release event with its flagship electric light truck products in Singapore
Recently, JAC held a grand release event with its flagship electric light truck products in Singapore, and Zhang Peng, Deputy G... Pub Date:23-11-30 10:16
JAC's flagship store in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia opens grandly
Recently, a special opening ceremony integrating the local folk performances was held grandly in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and over... Pub Date:23-11-29 09:37
Ankai N8 and A8 High-End Travel Coaches to Better Serve Tourists in Huangshan
On November 22, Ankai officially delivered a batch of N8 and A8 high-end travel coaches to its customer Huangshan Travel Transp... Pub Date:23-11-28 09:13
HELI 2023 Middle East Service Training Boosts Excellence
HELI MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA 2023 AFTERMARKET SERVICE TRAINING CONFERENCE kicked off with grandeur in the Middle East on November ... Pub Date:23-11-27 09:09
An Immersion Experience Vlog from HELI Brazil !
Experience the three-day trip to the HELI Global Distributor Conference through the lens of HELI Brazil. From the grand opening... Pub Date:23-11-21 11:25
Their confidence in technological progress of HELI!
At the 2023 HELI Global Distributor Conference, ranging from first-time attendees to esteemed partners with over a decade-long ... Pub Date:23-11-20 10:20
Ankai A5 Electric Buses Provide Greener and More Convenient Transportation Services in Yongzhou,Hunan Province
Recently, a batch of brand new Ankai A5 electric buses arrived in Dong’an County, Yongzhou, Hunan Province. Their presence has... Pub Date:23-11-16 10:26
Closing ceremony of HELI 2023 Global Distributor Conference!
As the curtains fell on the triumphant conclusion of the HELI 2023 Global Distributor Conference, Industry experts shared insig...
Source:www.heliforklift,com Pub Date:23-11-13 11:09
Grand opening of 2023 HELI Global Distributor Conference!
​On the morning of November 7th, the opening ceremony of the 2nd HELI Global Distributor Conference of “WITH HELI, SHAPING A ... Pub Date:23-11-10 09:48
Continue to meet the future——look back to 134th Canton Fair!
In this exhibition, Heli exhibited 7 models, except for one classic internal combustion model, the rest are all lithium-ion pro... Pub Date:23-11-03 09:25
Ankai Maintains A Fast Growing Momentum in the Overseas Market
On October 17 and 18, the Third Belt & Road Forum on International Cooperation was held in Beijing. Pub Date:23-10-30 09:40
JAC held a grand signing ceremony with its Egyptian partner in Hefei
On October 22, JAC held a grand signing ceremony with its Egyptian partner in Hefei. Pub Date:23-11-01 09:29
The first batch of electric pickup trucks T8 EV of JAC were successfully delivered to Thai group users
On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, the first batch of electric pickup trucks T8 EV of... Pub Date:23-10-31 09:47
JAC signed an agreement with Turkish partners, adding to the achievements of the Belt and Road
Belt and Road CEO Conference, one of the series activities of the Third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, was ... Pub Date:23-10-30 09:25
Ankai A8 bus delivery to Nanjing
On October 9th, a batch of Ankai A8 buses were officially delivered to Nanjing Jeli Passenger Transport Co., LTD. Pub Date:23-10-17 10:50
Ankai Buses Serve 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou
On September 23, the 19th Asian Games will officially kick off in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Featuring a host of advanced dig... Pub Date:23-10-12 10:12
Up 26 Places to 285! ACEG again Listed among Top 500 Chinese Enterprises
September 20 - China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Entrepreneurs Association jointly released the 2023 List of ... Pub Date:23-10-12 10:08
JAC fulfilled batch delivery of light trucks, pickup and j7 to Bahrain Gas
Recently, a good news came from the Bahrain market. According to a report in the Gulf Daily News dated August 31, JAC fulfilled... Pub Date:23-09-18 10:51
Ankai School Buses Safeguard Students' Travel on the Road
As the autumn semester is approaching, Ankai recently delivered a batch of S9 school buses to Xiangrikui School Bus Operation (... Pub Date:23-09-11 08:14
The cross-border combination of football and vehicles, JAC adds a new identity
On August 18th, local time in Mexico, JAC distributor and C.F. Pachuca (a football club in Mexico) announced to the world in pr... Pub Date:23-09-08 11:02
Ankai High-end Tourism Buses Delivered to Yunnan
In order to meet the increasingly hot Yunnan tourism market, Yunnan Jin'ai Tourism Group once again joined hands with Ankai to ... Pub Date:23-09-06 11:11
JAC with the newest models debut in Chendu Motor Show 2023
On August 25, Chengdu Motor Show with the theme of “ Road to Western China” was grandly opened in Chengdu. Pub Date:23-09-05 09:07
ACEG Ranked on ENR’s “Top 250 International Contractors” List for 15 Consecutive Years
Engineering News-Record (ENR) unveiled the rankings of 2023 “Top 250 International Contractors” on August 24 Beijing time, am... Pub Date:23-08-29 08:56
HELI| A Delivery Ceremony of 300 Electric Forklifts!
On the morning of August 18th, the delivery ceremony of 300 units electric forklifts fromJHL Rental Co., Ltd to Hangzhou Guoton... Pub Date:23-08-21 09:35
Anhui's construction won great reputation in Zambia
The Kasama Airport Project constructed by Anhui Shuian Construction Group was completed recently. Pub Date:23-08-17 10:16
JAC remains committed to the international market, exported electric pickups to Thailand
On August 11, Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co Ltd (JAC) held a departure ceremony for the first batch of electric pickup tr... Pub Date:23-08-15 10:26
For millions of love, JAC speed recreates in Mexico
Moy, a racer of Formula 4 (F4) NACAM Championship in Mexico, has made his mark in various karting events since he was 13 years ... Pub Date:23-08-11 10:46
Ankai Staff Attended China Craftsmen Innovation Exchange Conference
Recently, the second China Craftsmen Innovation Exchange Conference & China Craftsmen Forum was held in Beijing. Organized by A... Pub Date:23-08-10 11:10
JAC sold 50,600 vehicles in July, achieving a positive growth trend in Q1 and Q2
Chinese automaker Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co Ltd (JAC) sold 50,600 vehicles in July, an increase of 15.55% over the pr... Pub Date:23-08-09 10:06
HELI|Go for a service training in America!
On July 26 & 27, HELI America held the second Lithium-ion forklifts service training in 2023, including electric schematic, hyd... Pub Date:23-08-08 08:32
Successful conclusion of HELI Asia Dealers Conference
Recently, HELI Asia Dealers Conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand. This conference was organized by HELI Southeast Asia Cent... Pub Date:23-08-07 09:46
Two Anhui state-owned enterprises place on the Fortune 500 list for five consecutive years
Companies based in East China’s Anhui filled two places on the 2023 Global 500 list released by American business magazine For... Pub Date:23-08-03 10:48
HELI| Look back to CeMAT AUSTRALIA 2023!
CeMAT AUSTRALIA has officially ended on July 27, 2023 at The Dome, Sydney Olympic Park. During the three-day exhibition, Heli's... Pub Date:23-08-02 08:39
JAC Vietnam’s customer story “Golden and Wealthy Key” was awarded as top 100 excellent brand stories by SASAC
Recently, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) announced the list of b... Pub Date:23-08-01 08:56
41 Units Ankai G6 Electric Mini-Buses Arrive in Guangzhou for Operation
Recently, 41 units Ankai G6 electric mini-buses arrived in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province and started operation on several bus r... Pub Date:23-07-31 08:47
Ankai Ready to Make Big Splashes in New Energy Bus Industry
On July 24, Anhui New Energy Automobile Industry Clustering Promotion Conference was held in Hefei, the provincial capital of A... Pub Date:23-07-28 08:57
Batch of Ankai high-quality buses delivered to Qianshan City
In June, 55 new buses will be put into use in urban and rural bus lines in Qianshan City, providing strong support for the inte... Pub Date:23-07-27 09:08
JAC Kazakhstan joint venture factory Allur celebrated the 20th anniversary of its establishment
On July 1st, JAC Kazakhstan joint venture factory Allur celebrated the 20th anniversary of its establishment. Pub Date:23-07-25 08:34
ACEG Ranking 173rd among 2023 Top 500 Chinese Listed Companies by Fortune Magazine
Anhui Construction Engineering Group was ranked 173rd on the list, ranking the third among listed state-owned enterprises in An... Pub Date:23-07-18 08:41
ACEG Won Two Patents of National Invention
Recently, good news came from China National Intellectual Property Administration. Pub Date:23-07-17 09:53
CONCH’s digital transformation
Cement plants in Anhui have realized the transformation of intelligent production. Pub Date:23-07-13 11:29
JAC Kazakhstan joint venture factory Allur celebrated the 20th anniversary of its establishment
On July 1st, JAC Kazakhstan joint venture factory Allur celebrated the 20th anniversary of its establishment. Pub Date:23-07-12 08:52
JAC records increasing delivery volume in the past half year
On July 7, 2023, Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co Ltd. (JAC) released its bulletin for June. Pub Date:23-07-11 17:01
JAC DAY 2023 starts its global journey -- The second station
Our beloved #JAC community in the country gathered to celebrate #JACDay2023 with lively discussions and exciting activities at ... Pub Date:23-07-04 14:43
JAC DAY 2023 starts its global journey -- The first station
Our beloved #JAC community in the country gathered to celebrate #JACDay2023 with lively discussions and exciting activities at ... Pub Date:23-07-04 08:54
HELI:Another big order for Southeast Asia!
Nearly 100 of the customer's vehicles have been shipped to Southeast Asia. Pub Date:23-07-03 09:28
Expressway opened to traffic
Mingguang to Chaohu Expressway Chuzhou section, among which Anhui Road and Bridge Engineering Co.,Ltd contracted the 05 bid sec... Pub Date:23-06-28 09:19
Grand Ceremony Held for Topping-out of 65 Residential Buildings
65 residential buildings for the resettlement project phase II of Water Diversion from Yangtze River to Huaihe River in Yandian... Pub Date:23-06-27 09:30
Batch of Ankai high-quality buses delivered to Qianshan City
In June, 55 new buses will be put into use in urban and rural bus lines in Qianshan City, providing strong support for the inte... Pub Date:23-06-25 09:19
JAC listed in the top 50 global brands of BrandZ again
Recently, Kantar BrandZ and Google released the “2023 Kantar BrandZ China's Top 50 Global Brands” list, and Anhui Jianghuai A... Pub Date:23-06-21 08:50
Wang Delong, Vice President of Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group, delivered a speech themed “City Meets 'AI'” at the 2023 RCEP... Pub Date:23-06-16 09:03
RCEPxConch Group
In recent years, Conch Group has steadily promoted international development, strengthened economic and trade cooperation in RC... Pub Date:23-06-15 09:59
HELI was invited to participate in a number of important events from 9 to 10 June 2023, such as the opening ceremony and keynot... Pub Date:23-06-14 08:54
HELI at IRE Exhibition
From 6 to 8 June 2023, HELI was presented in Maastricht MECC, the Netherlands at the International Rental Exhibition. Pub Date:23-06-12 09:08
Chinese automaker JAC’s sales, exports surge in May
Chinese automaker Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co Ltd (JAC) reported a May Production and Sales Express. Pub Date:23-06-09 09:40
Anhui Enterprises' Footprints in Central Asia
Central Asia is where the BRI was initiated, also the BRI demonstration zone for high-quality development. Pub Date:23-06-06 11:08
HELI| “i” am from future!
The newly developed and designed i-series, adhering to the “intelligent”, “innovative”, “interactive”, “integrated-integ... Pub Date:23-06-05 10:37
Ankai electric A6 bus batch delivery to Thailand
Recently, the good news of the delivery of Ankai buses came again. 28 Ankai electric A6 buses will be exported to Thailand in b... Pub Date:23-05-31 09:54
HELI’s new generation of uncrewed forklifts unveiled
On May 26, the global launch conference of the new generation of Heli Intelligent I Series forklifts was held in Heli Industria... Pub Date:23-05-30 10:05
JAC A0 electric passenger car e-JS1 received the “2023 Best Resale Value” title
Recently, the JAC A0 electric passenger car e-JS1 received the “2023 Best Resale Value” title awarded by Brazilian company Ke... Pub Date:23-05-24 11:33
Ankai G9 electric buses export to Jamaica
Recently, another good news from Ankai — Ankai delivered a batch of G9 buses to Jamaica. Pub Date:23-05-17 15:39
Ankai Electric A6 Travel Coaches to Upgrade Urban-Rural Public Transport Network in Laibin
The five-day May Day Holiday recently witnessed a surge of demand for transportation across China. As the domestic tourism mark... Pub Date:23-05-16 17:49
Wuhu Port performed outstandingly in the national evaluation
The 2022 national logistics hub assessment results were recently released, and the Wuhu port-type national logistics hub was ra... Pub Date:23-05-15 13:07
HELI's Exceptional Performance in 2022
HELI’s 2022 report boast some surprising performances, with their electric new energy forklift products and international busi... Pub Date:23-05-12 08:39
BRI| CONCH's fruitful results in overseas development over ten years
2023 marks the 10th anniversary of “the Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI). Pub Date:23-05-11 08:43
Ankai high-end bus batch delivery to Hefei passenger transport
Recently, the delivery ceremony of the first batch of 60 buses between JAC Group and Hefei Passenger Transport and Feixi Produc... Pub Date:23-05-10 08:52
JAC delivered 44.5 thousand vehicles in April, achieving a stunning 62.53% growth year on year
On May 8, 2023, Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (JAC Group) released its April production and sales express. Pub Date:23-05-09 16:07
LESSO BANHAO,a new energy enterprise under “CHINA LESSO”,which is the world's leading plastic pipe manufacturer. Pub Date:23-05-08 09:05
HELI unveiled at 2023 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition
The 2023 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition (CICEE) is a newly emerging world-class construction equipmen... Pub Date:23-05-06 11:26
Two Projects Won Awards in China BIM Competition for Construction and Engineering
Recently, the results of the 7th China BIM Competition for Construction and Engineering organized by China Construction Industr... Pub Date:23-05-05 10:50
Wuhu-Huangshan Expressway Project Won the Title of “Safe Project” for National Expressway and Waterway Transport Construction
On April 23, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Emergency Management and All-China Federation of Trade Unions jointly issued th... Pub Date:23-05-04 08:40
2023 Shanghai Auto Show 丨JAC Group's more new products will launch in the market
During the auto show, under the guidance of the new brand strategy, JAC Group not only brought the brand-new MUSE co-creation o... Pub Date:23-04-28 20:40
JAC medium-truck regained favor of Vietnam J&T Express with bulk purchase
On March 31, 2023, JAC Express version of the medium-truck model was delivered in bulk to J&T Express Vietnam. Pub Date:23-04-27 17:58
ACEG Won China Tien-Yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize Again
Recently, the results of first batch of 20th China Tien-Yow Jeme civil engineering prize have been announced by China Civil Eng... Pub Date:23-04-26 19:00
Ankai Plays a Vital Role in Public Transport in Belt & Road Countries
China officially launched Belt & Road Initiative in 2013. Since then, Ankai, as one of China’s leading bus makers, has been ga... Pub Date:23-04-25 22:12
JAC's latest products at the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition
​From April 18th to April 27th, 2023, the high-profile annual event of the auto industry, the 20th Shanghai International Auto... Pub Date:23-04-24 14:28
Tashkent Conch’s rotary kiln achieved smooth closure
Recently, with the last section of the kiln shell hoisted, the rotary kiln, the major equipment of the Tashkent Conch Project i... Pub Date:23-04-23 09:51
HELI unveiled new products and technologies at 133rd Canton Fair
As one of the exhibitors in Anhui Province, Heli Forklift unveiled its booth with new technologies and products, attracting man... Pub Date:23-04-21 11:40
Anhui Provincial Port& Shipping Group's ports achieved a good start in Q1
Since the beginning of this year, the port enterprises affiliated with Anhui Provincial Port& Shipping Group have comprehensive... Pub Date:23-04-20 08:55
At KOREA MAT 2023,Heli is proud to showcase its innovative and high-quality products that represent the future of material hand... Pub Date:23-04-19 08:32
JAC's New Brand Strategy Conference
Last Wednesday, the unveiling of the new passenger car standard and new brand strategy conference of JAC Group, “Guding Intell... Pub Date:23-04-18 08:03
Chinese truck maker JAC gets 280 new orders for electric light trucks in Brazil
From April 12 to 15, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva paid a state visit to China. Pub Date:23-04-17 09:59
Anhui Transportation Holding Group won International Bridge Great Award
Recently, the International Bridge Conference announced the list of award-winning projects in 2023. Pub Date:23-04-14 11:30
Congratulation! ACEG among ENR's Top 20 Global Contractors
Recently, the “ENR’s 2022 Top 250 Global Contractors” list was released, and Anhui Construction Engineering Group ranked 20t... Pub Date:23-04-14 10:00
Heli’s H4 aims to crack overseas market
In recent years, Anhui Heli Co., LTD has adhered to the internationalization strategy, continuously improved the construction o... Pub Date:23-04-13 08:29
JAC Group Exports Jumped by 153.96% in March
On April, 7, Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as JAC) officially released a report, showing ... Pub Date:23-04-12 08:52
Anhui Conch Group ‘key’ to green transition and development
Recently, the 2023 Carbon Peak Carbon Neutral Green Development Forum was held in Beijing. Pub Date:23-04-11 09:02
BRI | Ankai became Saudi Arabia's largest passenger bus brand
Lately, a grand ceremony was held at Ankai’s production base to mark the shipping of a batch of A8 high-class buses to their d... Pub Date:23-04-10 08:36
BRI | New Chapters on CONCH’s overseas development in Myanmar
Anhui Conch Group has actively practiced the BRI, vigorously implemented the international development strategy, and invested i... Pub Date:23-04-07 08:49
Test of HELI’s lithium battery
With 400+ rigorous tests, CATL's battery system powers HELI Lithium Battery forklifts, ensuring secure and ultra-efficient oper... Pub Date:23-04-06 08:56
Qualification Certificate Upgraded
Recently, Anhui Highway & Port Engineering Co.,Ltd acquired special-grade qualification of general construction contracting for... Pub Date:23-04-04 08:58
Industrial Cornerstone——HELI COMPONENT
HELI COMPONENT, one of the four business segments of Anhui Forklift Group, focus on R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of pa... Pub Date:23-04-03 09:48
HBMG build the first unattended lab in coal industry
Recently, Huaibei Mining Group’s intelligent test system for coal has been implemented in Zhuxianzhuang Plant. Pub Date:23-03-31 08:40
HELI attended the 23rd CIEME
Recently,the 23rd China(Hefei) International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition was released at Hefei Binhu International Conve... Pub Date:23-03-30 10:07
JAC exhibited 15 models in the 2023 Costa Rica Expomovil Auto Show
Recently, the 2023 Costa Rica Expomovil Auto Show grandly opened in San Jose. Pub Date:23-03-29 09:20
Impressive Performance by ACEG in China BIM Competition for Construction and Engineering
Recently, the results of the 7th China BIM Competition for Construction and Engineering were announced. ACEG won 8 awards, incl... Pub Date:23-03-28 08:09
ProMat 2023 Ends Perfectly
Congratulations! HELI’s trip to ProMat 2023 ends - the premier exhibition of material handling, logistics, and supply chain so... Pub Date:23-03-27 09:01
HELI made a grand appearance at ProMat 2023
HELI with 9 hot products made a grand appearance at PROMAT 2023, the international exhibition of handling and logistics technol... Pub Date:23-03-24 08:49
New Breakthrough Made by ACEG Algerian Branch
On the afternoon of March 17, Mr. Bian Yang, Assistant to General Manager of ACEG Overseas Business Department, General Manager... Pub Date:23-03-23 08:43
HELI among the latest SASAC enterprise construction list
Anhui Heli Co., Ltd. was successfully selected in the list of “building World-Class Demonstration Enterprises and Special and ... Pub Date:23-03-22 11:10
ACEG won eight prizes of China BIM Construction Engineering Competition
Anhui Construction Engineering Group(ACEG) won 8 awards, according to the recently announced award results from the 7th BIM Con... Pub Date:23-03-21 15:58
Anhui Conch Group won the 7th China Grand Award for Industry
The seventh China Grand Awards for Industry were held at Beijing Friendship Hotel on Sunday. Anhui Conch Group won the most imp... Pub Date:23-03-20 16:47
Anhui Conch Group —— The cement manufacturing company plants tomatoes in Wuhu
Anhui Conch Group has engaged in the intelligent agriculture field in response to the goals of reaching peak carbon emissions a... Pub Date:23-03-17 15:41
JAC exports 1,000 high-end pickups to Europe
Recently, Chinese automaker Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (JAC) has achieved the target of a thousand pickups expo... Pub Date:23-03-16 08:59
SASAC adds Anhui Conch Group to the World-Class Demonstration Enterprises List
Recently, Anhui Conch Group Co Ltd was successfully on the list of establishing world-class demonstration enterprises and speci... Pub Date:23-03-15 08:41
Tender order of Eastern Europe dispatched
The tender order of the customer from Eastern Europe includes 26 units HELI G3 series dual drive lithium battery forklifts. Pub Date:23-03-14 08:40
ACEG's Five Projects Won Li Chun Award
China Highway Construction Association issued the namelist of 2022-2023 (first batch) Highway Transport Engineering Award. Ther... Pub Date:23-03-13 08:54
HELI’s intelligent logistics technology unveiled at the Global Logistics Technology Conference
Recently, the 2023 Global Logistics Technology Conference was held in Haikou. Pub Date:23-03-10 10:20
“WENERGY 502”, the 59,990- ton coastal bulk carrier successfully underwent sea trial
“WENERGY 502”,a 59,990-tongreen and efficientcoastal bulk carrier, was set out from the Xindayang Shipyard in Yangzhou to sta... Pub Date:23-03-09 15:25
Chinese automaker JAC's sales, exports surge in February
Chinese automaker Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (JAC) has reported a year-on-year increase of 41.57 percent in sal...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:23-03-09 11:06
JAC achieved the export of 10,000 passenger vehicles to the UAE
Recently, the delivery ceremony of JAC 10,000 vehicles exported to the UAE was held at the technology center of JAC Group, whic... Pub Date:23-03-08 09:04
ACEG won “Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize” for the ninth time
Recently, Anhui Road& Bridge Engineering Group Co., Ltd. won the 20th Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize. Pub Date:23-03-07 08:49
No.1 in China for 32 consecutive years
For industrial vehicle from Class I to Class V, the 2022 cumulative sales volume in China market was 1,047,967 units, compared ... Pub Date:23-03-06 15:03
JAC’s flagship model JS6, successfully launched in Kazakhstan
Recently, JAC’s flagship model JS6, the first SUV developed based on MIS architecture, successfully launched in Kazakhstan, on... Pub Date:23-03-03 08:58
JAC has made new breakthroughs in the beverage industry in Pakistan
Recently, JAC has made new breakthroughs in the beverage industry in Pakistan through a successful batch delivery of 34 light t... Pub Date:23-03-02 09:02
Opening new ground- ACEG E-commerce Co., Ltd established
Located in Hefei High-tech Development District, ACEG E-commerce Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “E-commerce Company”) b... Pub Date:23-03-01 08:45
Anhui Institute of Building Research & Design won China Award for Science and Technology in Construction again
Recently, the result of 2022 China Award for Science and Technology in Construction were announced. The research titled as “Re... Pub Date:23-02-28 15:17
JAC launches test vehicle with sodium-ion battery
The first test vehicle equipped with sodium-ion batteries jointly built by JAC Sehol New Energy and HiNa Battery was publicly u... Pub Date:23-02-27 16:19
JAC intensified the promotion of its digital marketing in Peru
Recently, JAC received good news again from Peru. According to statistics, in 2022, the sales volume of JAC pickups in Peru rea... Pub Date:23-02-16 16:06
Good news came from Saudi Arabia market
Recently, good news came from Saudi Arabia market that 165 T8 pickups were delivered to a TOP 3 group customer in Saudi Arabia'... Pub Date:23-02-15 09:18
Outstanding Performance by ACEG Technician College in the 9th Anhui Vocational Skills Competition
In the 9th Anhui Vocational Skills Competition and the 2nd Vocational Skills Competition of China Anhui Trial, ACEG Technician ... Pub Date:23-02-14 17:11
Anhui Highway & Port Engineering Co.,Ltd Won Scientific and Technological Progress Award by China Institute of Navigation
Recently, the result of 2022 Scientific and Technological Progress Award was released by China Institute of Navigation. Third p... Pub Date:23-02-14 16:46
JAC 500 units e-JS4 and 100 units electric light trucks have been exported to Europe
European market has the most stringent automobileaccess regulations and the most well-established automobile consumption power ... Pub Date:23-02-07 15:50
Research Finding Published in the Journal Engineering Structures
​Research Finding titled as “Behavior of Double Skin Composite Core Wall subject to Biaxial Cyclic Loads” by structural and ... Pub Date:23-01-31 16:27
Flying start - ACEG’s Demonstration School in Iraq
Karbala Iraq, on January 25, 2023, the main structure of first single building of Demonstration School in Iraq was completed du... Pub Date:23-01-30 09:41
Four National Quality Awards won by ACEG
Recently, the results of first batch of China Construction Engineering Luban Prize and National Quality Project Award for 2022-... Pub Date:23-01-30 09:27
BIM Technology Team of ACEG Paid a Visit to Hefei Xinqiao International Airport’s Terminal Two (T2) Project
On January 12, 2023, BIM(Building Information Modeling)technology team of ACEG paid a visit toHefei Xinqiao International Airpo... Pub Date:23-01-18 09:03
ACEG Won China Securities Journal Golden Bull Award
On December 29, 2022, China High-Quality Development Forum for Listed Companies was held in Haikou, Hainan Province. Pub Date:23-01-17 09:42
Tan Xionghui Made Inspection and Guidance for SMARTWOOD Industrial Park Project in Ogun,Nigeria
Ogun,Nigeria,On the afternoon of January 3, 2022, Mr. Tan Xionghui, director of Lee Group paid a visti to SMARTWOOD Industrial ... Pub Date:23-01-13 09:48
World Conference on Integrated Circuits 2022 kicks off in China's Hefei
Co-sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Anhui provincial government, the World Conference on In...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:22-11-18 09:01
Hefei, Anhui busy developing and producing chips
On November 8, 2022, at the Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Award Conference, a radio frequency front-end chip and comp..., Pub Date:22-11-24 15:56
Anhui's express business volume up 16.03% in Jan-Sep
The reporter learned from the Anhui Provincial Postal Administration on November 7 that from January to September, Anhui provin..., Pub Date:22-11-10 16:17
Over 1600 units from Anhui participate 5th CIIE
On the evening of November 4, the 5th China International Import Expo (CIIE) opened at the National Exhibition and Convention C..., Pub Date:22-11-07 15:59
China's Anhui sees growing foreign trade in Jan.-Sept.
East China's Anhui Province recorded robust foreign trade growth in the first three quarters of 2022, according to the local cu...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:22-11-07 09:21
Volkswagen Anhui rolls out targeted strategy to meet booming Chinese NEV market
Noting that China is the world's largest new energy vehicle (NEV) market that cannot be neglected by international carmakers, E...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:22-11-04 09:05
Anhui's first self-operated intercontinental cargo route ‘Hefei-Amsterdam’ launches
Recently, the 'Hefei-Amsterdam' international scheduled cargo flight operated by the subsidiary of Hefei Shushan Economic and T...
Source:anhuinews, Pub Date:22-11-01 16:54
Anhui-EU first regular air cargo route opens
On the afternoon of October 24, after 90 tons of goods were cleared under customs supervision, the cargo plane took off from He...
Source:Anhui Daily, Pub Date:22-10-25 16:39
Anhui's logistics prosperity index returns to the boom range
The reporter learned from the Anhui Provincial Federation of Logistics and Purchasing that the logistics industry prosperity in...
Source:Anhui Daily, Pub Date:22-10-14 16:44
New energy vehicles take the spotlight at the 2022 World Manufacturing Convention in E China's Anhui
New energy vehicles take the spotlight at the 2022 World Manufacturing Convention in Hefei, east China's Anhui Province, which ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:22-09-26 09:06
NEV makers to ramp up expansion in Anhui
​Some major new energy vehicle makers vowed to ramp up innovation and production in Anhui province during the 2022 World Manuf...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:22-09-23 09:07
Anhui, manufacturing for a better world
2022 World Manufacturing Convention opened Tuesday in Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center. Pub Date:22-09-21 17:10
Past decade of Anhui in satellite view
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Anhui has changed from a traditional agricultural province to...
Source:xinhua, Pub Date:22-09-20 16:55
Anhui making steady progress in high-quality manufacturing
As one of the top 10 manufacturing provinces in China, Anhui is making steady progress in the high-quality development of its m...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:22-09-19 09:45
Anhui University establishes School of Big Data and Statistics
Anhui's first provincial big data and statistics college was unveiled at Anhui University. The college has three departments: S...
Source:Hefei Evening News, Pub Date:22-09-13 17:06
Mining subsidence areas in E China's Anhui turned into floating PV power station
Former mining subsidence areas in Gucheng Town of Yingshang County, east China's Anhui Province are now being transformed into ...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:22-08-29 10:24
China's Anhui makes headway in foreign trade
East China's Anhui Province has seen a notable expansion in foreign trade over the past decade, according to a press briefing h...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:22-08-26 09:00
Anhui's express business volume leaps to 8th in China
In the first seven months of this year, Anhui's express delivery business volume has surpassed that of Shanghai, ranking 8th in..., Pub Date:22-08-24 16:39
Infrastructure construction in Anhui promotes integration development of Yangtze River Delta
In recent years, Anhui Province has conscientiously implemented the requirements for the coordinated construction of an integra...
Source:Anhui Daily, Pub Date:22-08-17 16:23
Dark tea industry boosts local farmers' income in Huangshan, Anhui
A worker checks a Yixian dark tea artwork at a studio in Yixian County, east China's Anhui Province, July 30, 2021. Grown in so...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:21-08-06 08:33
Anhui's pilot FTZ sees robust foreign trade in H1
The pilot free trade zone in east China's Anhui Province generated foreign trade of 95.93 billion yuan in the first half of thi...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:22-08-05 08:35
China's Anhui records robust auto-industry growth in H1
East China's Anhui Province has reported robust growth in its auto industry in the first half of the 2022, according to the pro...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:22-07-29 09:44
Anhui-made NEVs sold well in domestic and foreign markets
Several made in Anhui new energy vehicles have become wildly popular in the market, and Anhui's auto exports have reached a rec...
Source:Hefei Evening Paper, Pub Date:22-07-28 16:37
Anhui Pavilion appears at the 2nd China International Consumer Products Expo
On the morning of July 25, the 2nd China International Consumer Products Expo opened in Haikou, Hainan.
Source:Anhui Daily, Pub Date:22-07-26 15:43
Anhui powers ahead in tech development
Anhui province is on a fast track of development in China's economy, having become a hub of multiple emerging industries, such ...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:22-07-21 09:27
China's Anhui sees high-quality economic growth
Anhui Province has achieved robust output growth of industries and emerging sectors of strategic importance since 2012, local a...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:22-07-21 08:47
China's Anhui sees foreign trade up 13.7 pct in H1
Anhui's total import and export value hit 54.4 billion U.S. dollars from January to June, up 13.7 percent year on year.
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:22-07-18 08:38
Anhui: Make 40% USTC, HFUT graduates stay
Anhui provincial government issued a plan for the construction of higher education and discipline system in line with social an..., Pub Date:22-07-14 11:42
China’s First MW-level hydrogen utilization station operates in Anhui
On July 6, China's first megawatt-level hydrogen energy comprehensive utilization demonstration station was put into operation ...
Source:Anhui Daily, Pub Date:22-07-07 11:14
Anhui's import and export volume of processing trade reached 53.2 billion yuan
On June 13, the reporter learned from Hefei Customs that since this year, processing trade in Anhui province has been steadily ... Pub Date:22-06-23 17:03
200 billion yuan! Anhui sets up emerging industries guidance fund
Starting from 2022, Anhui will use five years to set up a provincial guidance fund with a scale of not less than 50 billion yua..., Pub Date:22-07-01 11:17
Hefei, Anhui contain most quantum enterprises in China
East China's Anhui province has become the province with the most quantum enterprises in China and the number of quantum enterp...
Source:China Daily Pub Date:22-09-30 16:54
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