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JAC has made new breakthroughs in the beverage industry in Pakistan

Pub Date:23-03-02 09:02 Source:jacen.jac.com.cn

Recently, JAC has made new breakthroughs in the beverage industry in Pakistan through a successful batch delivery of 34 light trucks to Liquid, the largest local beverage bottling wholesaler in Multan. The delivery has received widespread attention locally, laying a good foundation for JAC light trucks to win more industry customers.

Liquid is a wholesale bottling contract for many international beverage brands like Coca-Cola, Nestle and Aquafina. It also runs transportation service across 8 urban trunk lines in central Pakistan, thus having extremely high requirements for transportation vehicles in terms of its stability, power and cost-efficiency. The JAC light trucks delivered in a batch to Liquid will be equipped with professional beverage consignment boxes, serving the company's bottling production lines and wholesale distribution sites in major cities and towns.

In order to successfully win the batch order, JAC conducted in-depth research and analysis over customer’s demand, provided 3 light trucks for trial use, and offered maintenance services during the trial period. These dedicated efforts along with the excellent products helped JAC won the trust of major clients like Liquid.

At present, JAC has become the No. 1 Chinese light commercial vehicle brand exported to Pakistan. In the future, JAC will further dig deeper into the market potential and cultivate core competitive ability and continue to expand its industry customer base in the Southwest Asian markets.

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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