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Tender order of Eastern Europe dispatched

Pub Date:23-03-14 08:40 Source:www.heliforklift.com

This tender order of the customer from Eastern Europe includes 26 units HELI G3 series dual drive lithium battery forklifts. This batch of forklift will be in a mining factory to fulfill the mission. This is the first time that our customer, a major player in the salt mining industry of Eastern Europe, has used HELI's lithium battery products. Our products are well received by our customers. Their configuration and performance are comparable to high-end products from Europe, America and Japan, but the price is cheaper. In the future, the dealer will be more confident to promote HELI products and expand the market share in this region.

(The video derives from the HELI FORKLIFT's WeChat official account) 

Video Source Address: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/_aytyRH7tpLRji7MCmBuIQ

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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