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Qualification Certificate Upgraded

Pub Date:23-04-04 08:58 Source:www.aceg.com.cn

Recently, Anhui Highway & Port Engineering Co.,Ltd acquired special-gradequalificationof general construction contracting for road works and class-Adesign qualification for road works. It has become the first enterprise in Anhui province possessing special-gradequalificationof general construction contracting and class-Adesign qualification for road works and waterway works.

Wuhu-Huangshan Expressway

In recent years, it has undertaken a range of projects including expressway, first-class road, bridge, wharf, navigation lock, waterway treatment in and out of Anhui province. It has won Luban Award of China Construction Engineering, Zhan Tianyou Award of China Civil Engineering, Lichun Award of National Quality Engineering Award, Quality Award of China Waterway Transportation, Quality Award of East China, “Huangshan Cup" Award of Anhui Construction Engineering, Quality Award of Road Transportation in Anhui Province etc.

Xuzhou—Mingguang Expressway

The acquisition ofspecial-gradequalificationshows the core competitiveness and creativity ofAnhui Highway & Port Engineering Co.,Ltd, enhances the brand influence, laying a solid foundation for the development strategy of "highlighting characteristics, strengthening construction, developing investment, and expanding scale".

Navigation Lock at Chaohu Lake

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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