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Pub Date:23-06-16 09:03 Source:www.jac.com.cn

"The smart city we understand is based on digital information and knowledge as the key elements, modern information network as the main carrier, and the effective use of information and communication technology as an important driving force to make the construction management and services of the city intelligent. In the process of a city's intelligentization, smart travel and smart logistics are undoubtedly important contents. China's auto industry has made great strides into the era of intelligence, which makes it easier to achieve smart cities." Wang Delong, Vice President of Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group, delivered a speech themed "City Meets ‘AI’" at the 2023 RCEP Local Governments and Friendship Cities Cooperation (Huangshan) Forum.


As an enterprise group with 59 years of car manufacturing experience, JAC has been adhering to the intelligent development route for many years and continuing to provide sensible, knowable, usable, and enjoyable smart car products to customers to pursue a comfortable and pleasant experience of smart car life. Now it has realized the application of all models of vehicle networking 3.0, and L2+ intelligent driving products have been mass-produced.


According to reports, the "Anhui Province Key Laboratory of Automobile Intelligent Network Technology" built by JAC has become the first domestic intelligent network laboratory of the OEMs recognized by CNAS. In terms of research and development in autonomous driving technology, JAC made full use of AI large models to build a large number of simulation scenarios, cooperated with massive actual vehicle data collection, accelerated the iteration of autonomous driving models, and passed the reliability verification of nearly one million kilometers to create an industry-leading intelligent driving and automatic parking car technology.

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