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For millions of love, JAC speed recreates in Mexico

Pub Date:23-08-11 10:46 Source:gzw.ah.gov.cn

JAC, your super partner


Moy, a racer of Formula 4 (F4) NACAM Championship in Mexico, has made his mark in various karting events since he was 13 years old, and constantly broke his own records. Aware of this, JAC became his official partner and sponsor for his racer career.

The Formula 4 races in Mexico


F4 is a formula event launched in 2014 by the Inter-national Automobile Federation. Seven races will be held in this season which lasts from April to October 2023. The Formula 4 NACAM Championship that Moy participated in this year is the best-known and most-popular F4 event in Mexico.

JAC elements in super racing car


The appearance of Moy’s racing car is designed by a renowned local designer. The pattern “JACebrije”on the car integrates JAC elements and Alebrije, a beast in Mexican local culture, to present a perfect fusion of modern technology with traditional culture. It endows JAC with profound and rich artistic and cultural connotations, and embodies JAC’s spirit of advancing bravely and never giving up and its social responsibility to take practical actions to create opportunities for motorsport enthusiasts to race on the autodromes.

Join JAC, start your moment of glory


“JAC gives me greater confidence to impact higher-level events. Since the first day I met JAC staff, they have made me feel that I’m one of them. I am grateful for their trust to choose me to endorse the JAC brand at this new stage in my life. I am also honored to be a super partner of JAC.”

JAC: Do our best to support our users


“We always center on Mexican users. Whether sponsorship for local football teams or support for Moy this time, we aim to train Mexican talents and give back to Mexican society.”

The Super Partner races has started the engine for JAC business in Mexico: JAC’s EV sales accounts for more than 50% of the total in Mexico’s EV market, with 5 out of every 10 BEVs produced by JAC; the deliveries of pickups to end users ranks first among Chinese brands; its market share for commercial vehicles has exceeded 50%. The phenomenon of JAC Speed appears again in Mexico!

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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